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I was born in London to  Name merchant father, and my mother was a foreign missionary. I was raised with Indian culture and heritage. My father was a businessman and later became a shipping agent for the Mahatma Gandhi company.

I was very successful in my school. The kids competed for the prizes and I won all of them. Then one day I won another prize when I got three stars for all of my essays and original ideas in exams. The government declared that kind of achievement as the best out of my performance; that’s what made me famous!

After that, I went on to study at University, philosophy major, also English literature minor as my parents didn’t feel comfortable even though they taught it to me at home. After receiving Ph.D., I worked in an English school with no break away and no vacations because of MBA II Pune University which forced me to open more English schools around India because many prominent families look down upon schools so close to

Indian names are often so long with the English counterparts being short and memorable. Sure, it can be done easily, but I think it adds to the flow of the story.

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First I thought that this was a satire on language. I start by translating English onto Hindi and then removing unnecessary words in Hindi. It doesn’t affect the story, but makes a nice read.

This one worked a bit more; I got my ideas from TV shows such as “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood” and “Arthur”. Eventually, I did get some of my ideas from my own children’s books as well as TV shows of that era.

Plenty of little details were added for an enjoyable read.

A professor put English to Hindi in an effort to stop the war between two countries. Because of this, the UN set up a global English-Hindi translator that could read and write all languages humans could speak and write.

On that day, a man from China met a man from India who wished to have a chat. The Asian man said he had seen through all of his eyes, but the Indian was reluctant to believe him. He told the man he didn’t believe people who knew English would know Hindi. The Chinese replied “they would be able to read and write it” and assured him there was no need for translation because all human languages were written in signs they understood easily.

The two men continued talking until they realized they were speaking together in Chinese or Hindi with no knowledge of English or Indian. They finished their discussion with the Indian finally recognizing that their thoughts were in harmony and told him that he should have faith in himself as well as his surroundings because he had

Name English to Hindi.


You speak English?

I am a country person and did not know Hindi. So I went to a popular Indian restaurant in the city, ordered some food, and tried to order in Hindi. The waiter could not understand any of my words and had me repeat myself multiple times before he understood how I wanted my food. Nevertheless, my service was excellent despite the language barrier.

The English to Hindi translation of the story idea is my most recent attempt. The story idea is named “English to Hindi” as an attempt at writing an English to Hindi translation. Although I don’t consider myself a writer, other writers have used this title for some of their works. And I thought, ‘What a great idea’ and decided to try it out for the story idea.

A few months ago I had dreamt about a Japanese person who came to my house to ask me if he could stay with my family. He brought some food and was very polite and friendly. He sat down on the couch next to me but right away started talking in Japanese without a word or question that could be translated into English.

I spent many days in Japan where I took softball lessons taught by the man who invited him. He wanted me to give him lessons too but I had never been playing softball before so was reluctant (at least initially). He insisted though, because


A man, a woman and a dog are roamed through the streets and asked to guess what language the first three letters in their name are in Hindi. The woman answers ‘not’ and the man says ‘yes.’

The woman then answers that she is Muslim and is willing to convert to Islam or Sikhism for good karma. Imagine how many lines of paper this poor man must have written down in a hurry!

It is impossible to remember the English word for “Hindi” when you don’t know the Hindi word for “Hindi”. English is a vast interconnected world, which is hard to understand when you are in a small bubble. Hindi is just as complicated, but with only 5 consonants, it has a very large number of words, which makes it difficult to figure out.

I planned myself to create a game that would teach English to Hindi by creating an icon of each word in this game. I also planned to include a few equally effective side projects in my timeline that would still enjoy funding.

When I woke up the next morning, I had an intense desire to use my experience with languages and their mutual connection as the best way to teach English and Hindi.

The day after that, I woke up and decided on my first project – An Iconic Language Learning System (ALLS). The system would be driven by icons. ALLS was funded by C

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