Best English to Hindi translation pdf

english to hindi translation pdf

A woman is translating a hindi to english on the eve of her marriage. As she repeats the mantra and faints, she misses the words which don’t exist in her vocabulary. She loves the language and feels a burden of translating in her own language without Hindi words.

She finally collects all the translation, again faints, and again misses something which needs translation when she tries to visualize it. This goes on for days with no resolution. The translators reassure her that all information is available anywhere with any technology today and that none of this is beyond them. This inspires her to translate a famous poem apart from considering it as art. Another day she arrives at a city bus station and finds the bus for which was reserved only for English speaking people only. She borrows her friend’s phone from him and gets on the bus, but has no idea how to use it properly or even if its working at all. She finds herself lost in an old forest trying to follow

A group of people, who are non-native English speakers, are totally confused and have a hard time understanding what they hear. The narrator (I) tries to translate some words.

The narrator (I) tries to translate some words in several language pairs.

After a few attempts, the narrator (I) falls asleep. He dreams of an English-speaking computer that has been translatable into other languages with the help of the narrator.

Punjabi speaking group and a new english speaker were at a fancy restaurant. The other customer was fluent in both languages and told to go ahead and eat whatever he or she wanted. The poor waiter offered them a bowl of fruit, but they had no desire to take it.


The english speaking waiter then said, “I’m not sure if you guys know this, but for some reason we have an English customer who doesn’t want fruit”.

“That’s odd,” the Punjabi guy said, “It’s because he doesn’t know what fruits look like.” He guessed that if he tried to eat any fruit, adding attributes, it would be bad for his health. Then the Punjabi waiter continued: “What do you think that guy has with him?”

“Something meaningful,” the English man said.The punjabi waiter pondered about his question for a second, before replying “I bet he has something on him that

Every year a team of scientists from different countries work on the translation of English to Hindi. They worked long and hard together to translate English literature for two hours every single day. The problem is, the quality and accuracy of translation is scripted before you start translating…

A teacher named Anamika walked down the hall. She happened to be a library assistant who was tired and impatient to get the job done. She somehow finished the job so she could take a nice break at her desk in her office. After 20 minutes she just couldn’t wait anymore and decided to find another group of people to work with.

She started passing by yet another group that was also sitting at their computer…

“This group is REALLY slow today, anyone wanna work with them?” asked Anamika while passing by them.

The other team didn’t have much motivation so they declined Anamika’s offer. Once she finished her break, she went back to the busy crowd in

An example of a mystery or suspense novel takes the reader on a journey of deduction:

“This is an example of the detective novel. It features a missing piece or key that gives the author some clues, but allows them to fill in the rest of the puzzle. In this case, it involves a woman who has left her husband and children and gone off with an academic at his invitation. The missing piece is a letter he wrote to his former wife asking her to return what she had given him. Her response runs counter to everything she ever said about her husband. She had no children, only the one she delivered, and now he’s dead. This piece of information represents all that is missing from the puzzle.”


The characters in this story are each identified by their unique qualities, past experiences and moral beliefs.

The characters are also well developed in that we can very successfully grow attached to them (mortality happens in real life)  They also appear (as one might hope


A translator, who has a phd in foreign languages, is approached by a very wealthy businessman to be his personal translator. The translator will sit at the businessman’s bedside in the hospital, translating all of his thoughts. The businessman insists that the translator must be a middle-aged, male english educated woman. He tells her he has already found one who will do just fine: a young, beautiful and blonde woman from America.

The translator is skeptical at first and then decides to accept the task of translating for him as she loves listening to him as he speaks about his life experiences.

She takes on this new job although she has wanted to get an MBA and be a management consultant but now finds herself happy with this new path. She asks all sorts of questions but the only question that really concerns her is how to translate his english sentences into hindi without breaking them into two parts.. This is what she hopes and dreams of but she knows it won’t come true without

“In the past, when I was studying English, my native language was Hindi. I can rarely even understand middle-level words from my Hindi books. I’ve always wanted to translate the entire book into that language which is more common for my country – in hindi. However, if you have a native speaker for Hindi and teach him to translate the whole book, he won’t be able to do it at all unless he study for years and learn about the entire book. However, if you have someone with limited knowledge of English who knows very well about some chapters in that book like the chapters about an operation or a body part from his own personal experiences or personal life, he can easily come up with translations.

Later on, as new people came here in this country, they started doing this translation as well without any prior knowledge of hindi like me.”

As seen above in this story idea summary example there were two problems faced here:

1.) A translation is not

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