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Training Data types

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), for example, have profoundly transformed human existence today. AI and machine learning are everywhere in the form of smart gadgets that closely resemble human intellect, behaviors, and techniques. The utility and efficacy of an AI model are primarily determined by the quality of the training data used. To be effective, AI systems must be trained on high-quality data sets.

Data used to train artificial intelligence models is referred to as AI training data. This data serves as a teacher, exposing AI models to a variety of events and scenarios and preparing them for real-world situations. The training data aids the models in imbibing human-like characteristics such as learning and course correction. Regardless matter how effective an AI algorithm or model is, if it is trained on inadequate data, it will fail to provide the expected outcomes. As a result, the quality of training data sets is critical to the performance of artificial intelligence or machine learning models. Knowing this, 24x7offshoring specialists AI’s and data experts are dedicated to offering world-class and dependable training data sets to its customers.

Types of Training Data


Video Data

Because video training data contains both image and audio information, it may be utilized to train a variety of machine learning models for computer vision, natural language processing, and other applications. 24x7offshoring provides video collection, classification, and annotation services. Our strict quality assurance system ensures that moving items are accounted for in every frame of your video.


Image Data

Every computer vision (CV) project is different, and picture training data with diverse annotations will be needed. You may train your autonomous cars, drones, and other CV models using our industry-leading photo annotation services. You can increase object detection, facial recognition, boundary recognition, movement prediction, and more in your models with high-quality annotated photo data.


Audio Data

Machine learning teams can quickly create model-ready audio training data in more than 500 languages and dialects thanks to 24x7offshoring. Whether you need professionally recorded speech data, a platform to annotate audio files, or a distant community to do software testing, we are your audio data outsourcing choice.


Sensor fusion

Annotations for the camera, lidar, and radar sensors, such as 3D bounding boxes, 2D-3D linkage, and point cloud segmentation, increase the accuracy of 3D computer vision models. Our automated sensor training data technologies make it simple to examine and classify data from a variety of lidars and camera sensors quickly and correctly.


Text Data

Using a combination of expert technicians and our network of contributors who work in all major languages and sectors, we can manage even the most demanding annotation tasks. Whether you need text training data or a comprehensive assessment of your machine translation, we will meet your quality, timing, and cost needs.


Geo Data

Any location-based program’s user experience is heavily influenced by the quality of the underlying data. 24x7offshoring is a global leader in geo training data services with human annotations. Our global AI Community of skilled contributors has a wealth of experience assessing geo-local data and providing high-quality annotations for model training.

Frequently Asked Questions

A huge dataset used to educate a machine learning model is referred to as training data. Prediction models that employ machine learning algorithms are taught how to extract features that are important to certain business goals using training data. The training data for supervised machine learning models are labeled.

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