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The Best Beginner Transcription Jobs in 2021 That You Need To Know

Are you looking for a Transcription jobs to supplement your income while being at home?

Working from home has been increasingly common in recent years.

This implies that you may conduct a variety of freelancing tasks from the convenience of your own home!

I work as a freelance writer and am mostly compensated for writing blog entries. It’s the best job on the planet.

However, I am aware that there are options other than writing employment, such as typing or transcribing.

Transcription jobs are ideal if you need to work from home unexpectedly or want to make the move to at-home employment.

This multifaceted service is gaining popularity not just in the corporate and medical worlds, but also in the blogging world.

Transcription Duties are ideal if you need to work from home unexpectedly or want to make the move to at-home employment.

This multifaceted service is gaining popularity not just in the corporate and medical worlds, but also in the blogging world.

Let’s take a closer look at transcription jobs and how to get started working from home.


<h2>What Are the Different Types of Transcription Jobs?</h2>

First and foremost, before we discuss transcription services, we should discuss what transcribing entails.

A basic definition of transcription is the process of turning an audio or video recording of a conversation or speech into text. It’s a word-for-word transcription of what you’ve heard.
Businesses and sectors that needed transcribed documents in the past had to rely on mail-order transcription services.

The recording would be transmitted to the transcriber on cassette tape, floppy disc, or CD, and the customer would get the document a few days later.

Transcription jobs have grown because of the internet, allowing recordings and transcribed documents to be shared rapidly and simply.

Because many various sectors and individuals use transcribing services, transcription services are in great demand.

So, what does a transcriptionist do?

You would get an audio or video clip from a customer, listen closely, and type up what you hear as a transcriptionist.

You’d also oversee correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
You should have strong typing abilities in addition to appropriate spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This will enable you to do the task fast and meet tight deadlines.

<h2>Here are the best 15 Transcription jobs:</h2>

This is an excellent option for bloggers with podcasts or large YouTube followings.

1. Rev (
Candidates are not needed to demonstrate prior experience or credentials with Instead, students are invited to take a grammar quiz and read a sample transcript.

2. Go Transcript (
Candidates with good English abilities are sought by Go Transcript – no prior experience is required.
You have ten hours to finish a ten-minute audio or video clip.
Transcriptionists may expect to earn approximately $150 per month on average.

3. Net Transcript (
For insurance, legal, and police transcribing, Net Transcripts engages transcriptionists. Prior experience is preferred, and you must be able to type 75 words per minute and use a foot pedal.

4. Pioneer Transcription Services (
A foot pedal and transcribing software are required by Pioneer Transcription Services. You can apply for general or legal transcriptionist roles via an online application.

5. Scribie (
Scribie accepts applications from novice transcriptionists, but you must be able to comprehend British, American, Australian, and Indian accents (but the jobs are all in English). This one is the best tool in Transcription jobs

6. CrowdSurf (
CrowdSurf is a transcriptionist marketplace on the internet.
Signing up is free, and you’ll get paid right away for your efforts. They don’t need any prior knowledge or specific equipment.

7. Mechanical Turk (
Mechanical Turk is an Amazon-owned crowdsourcing platform that links employees with businesses.
You’ll be able to look for transcribing jobs/HITS there (Human Intelligence Tasks).

8. CastingWords (
CastingWords is a different type of transcribing employment market. They serve as a go-between for clients and transcriptionists. They pay anywhere from 8.5 cents to $1 for each audio minute.

9. Daily Transcription (
For the business, legal, and entertainment industries, Daily Transcribing provides same-day.

They are looking for employees of various skill levels that are timely and meticulous.
Although they cannot promise a certain quantity of work, their best transcriptionist earns between $250 and $950 per week. This one is the best tool in Transcription jobs.

10. GMR Transcription (
GMR Transcription is constantly searching for transcribers, especially those who can commit to transcribing for one hour each day.

They require you to take an exam, but they do not expect you to have any prior experience.

11. Babble Type (
Working for BabbleType, a transcribing firm that specializes in market research assignments, requires no prior expertise.

It’s as easy as viewing a video and completing a Transcription jobs test to apply.

12. Aberdeen (
Aberdeen Broadcast Services hires transcribers and captioners that are computer savvy and have a typing speed of 45 words per minute.

The hourly wage ranges from $12 to $15.

13. Speakwrite (
Speakwrite is searching for transcribers in the United States or Canada who are fluent in English and can type at least 60 words per minute. This one is the best tool in Transcription jobs.

They want at least one year of experience for ordinary transcriber roles, and five years for legal ones.
They also necessitate the use of a foot pedal.

14. Tigerfish (
Tigerfish has a variety of transcribing assignments available, including everything from interviews to law enforcement to documentaries.

When you apply, you’ll have to go through a testing process.

15. Ubiqus (
Ubiqus is searching for transcriptionists in the United States with 1 to 5 years of experience. They will consider other relevant experiences if you don’t have any transcribing experience.

<h2>Getting a Transcription Job for the First Time: Frequently Asked Interview Questions</h2>

When you apply for a Transcription job for the first time, you may be asked the following questions:

1. What is your method for obtaining a significant amount of data from a variety of reliable sources?
2. What strategies do you employ to take dictation and then turn that dictation into written material?
3. What approach do you use to find and correct errors in reports?
4. What techniques do you use to keep yourself motivated to finish your Transcription jobs while you work from home?
5. How do you choose the details to include in your reports?

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