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The Top 5 Linkedin Data Extraction Services Are Being Evaluated That You Should Know

The Top 5 Linkedin Data Extraction Services Are Being Evaluated That You Should Know


Because there are so many possibilities, finding a trusted and acceptable Linkedin Data Extraction Servicesmight be difficult. In this post, we’ll go through the top 5 LinkedIn scraping services available to help you make a selection.


How can I get the most out of LinkedIn in terms of people and company data?


LinkedIn is a huge database of individuals and companies that can help you with data science initiatives, lead-generating campaigns, research, and more. I’ve gone over it in detail here, but now I’d want to discuss the best and most effective techniques to obtain Linkedin Data Extraction Services.


<h2>Linkedin Data Extraction Services on your own is difficult.</h2>


While anyone with a basic understanding of programming might create a LinkedIn scraper, a DIY solution would only work for quantities below a specific level. This is a LinkedIn-only restriction since it is in their best interests for them to limit and prohibit individuals from acquiring their data (understandably, since they are in the business of collecting data themselves). This implies that every scraper you create must at the very least include the following featuresLinkedin Data Extraction Services:


  • A parser is a program that converts unstructured data into structured data.
  • To get around captchas, there’s a method called Recaptcha Bypass.
  • A throttler to guarantee that you stay within extraction constraints, such as X number of profiles per day, to prevent bot detection and LinkedIn restrictions.
  • A large proxy infrastructure.


<h2>Here are the Top 5 Linkedin Data Extraction Services and tools</h2>


We are ignoring freelancing services such as those obtained through Fiverr or Upwork for this study since technological reliance and customer service are not viable for larger organizationsLinkedin Data Extraction Services. Large-scale processes that require LinkedIn scraping regularly.


  1. Mantheos (


Mantheos is a People and Company intelligence company with a Real-Time Data API offering that collects LinkedIn data at scale and in real-time. It also has a batch order structure that makes LinkedIn data extractions easy for non-technical users. The Mantheos real-time data API is a platform that can access LinkedIn’s huge store of profile data, whether you’re publishing research papers or constructing a predictive AI modelLinkedin Data Extraction Services.


LinkedIn Data API by Mantheos Data Extractio Service 




The Mantheos LinkedIn Data API is a real-time LinkedIn scraping API that lets users connect to it and aggregate LinkedIn data on demand.


The following are some of their API endpoints:


  • The Profiles LinkedIn URL Endpoint accepts a LinkedIn profile URL and provides all of the profile data in a parsed and organized format.
  • To identify a pool of suitable profiles, the Profiles Search Endpoint uses search parameters such as industry, seniority level, and moreLinkedin Data Extraction Services.
  • The Company LinkedIn URL Endpoint accepts a URL for a company LinkedIn profile and returns the whole profile.
  • Companies Search Endpoint returns a pool of suitable business profiles based on company search parameters such as industry, firm size, and more.


When it comes to LinkedIn scraping, Mantheos is the only company that provides real-time profile search, which vastly expands the number of viable applications. Among other solutions, its customer service and technical assistance are notable featuresLinkedin Data Extraction Services.


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  1. PhantomBuster (


PhantomBuster and the wonderful assortment of “phantoms” with particular automation functionality are two of my favorite things. They use a variety of phantoms to scrape data from LinkedIn; here are a few examples.


Phantoms of LinkedIn Scraping


  • LinkedIn Profile Scraper returns structured LinkedIn profile data using LinkedIn profile URLs as input.
  • Phantom for exporting search results from LinkedIn.
  • LinkedIn Companies Employees Phantom is a tool for extracting employee profiles from LinkedIn companies.
  • Linkedin Data Extraction ServicesCompanies Info is a tool that extracts information about companies on LinkedIn.


  1. Proxycurl (


Proxycurl is a tool created by Nubela, a firm based in Singapore. Nebula is a developer-focused firm that creates automation tools for ordinary programmers. Task Management Platforms, Receipt Management Bots, and One-Click VPNs are some of the additional technologies available.


Proxycurl is a useful utility:


  • General LinkedIn Profile Resolution Endpoint that returns a LinkedIn profile URL based on the user’s name, title, location, and corporate domainLinkedin Data Extraction Services.
  • LinkedIn profile URLs are used to gather LinkedIn profiles using the Person Profile Endpoint.
  • Endpoint for collecting LinkedIn corporate profiles using LinkedIn profile URLs.
  • Job Profile Endpoint uses the job profile URL to collect information about a job posting on LinkedIn.


This is useful in processes when there is a known list of LinkedIn profile URLs to extract. For many businesses, the inability to conduct discovery searches and extract profiles based on search parameters might be restrictingLinkedin Data Extraction Services.


  1. 24×7 offshoring (


24×7 offshoring is a data startup that delivers datasets such as corporate employee ratings, job ads, and tech product reviews. They also have fresh and raw data from millions of professionals and companies throughout the world, in addition to those data categories.


Features of 24×7 offshoring


  • Data from public resumes or professional profiles. They have 500+ million records and pull data from four sources, according to their website.
  • Firmographic Information.Linkedin Data Extraction Services 24×7 offshoring has 22 million corporate profiles from 9 different sources.
  • Database API – They make data extraction available via their database API, which pulls directly from the database because they primarily maintain a database of pre-collected data.


  1. People Data Labs (

People Data Labs, like Coresignal, is a pre-collected data service that offers datasets about people and businesses. They have resumes, social media profiles, and demographic data on almost 2.5 billion people. This information enables them to create new, reliable data-driven products at scaleLinkedin Data Extraction Services.


Features of People Data


  • The Enrichment API collects information such as name, address, employer, school, LinkedIn URL, and more to produce a profile that matches one or more of the input criteria.
  • The Search API accepts a list of search filters and returns a list of profiles that match the parameters.
  • Data Licensing is a yearly license that allows clients to access their whole dataset or a part of itLinkedin Data Extraction Services.


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