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Why does artificial intelligence need data labeling,best recommended by data labeling companies

With a series of intelligence technological breakthroughs, artificial intelligence has gradually entered the high-speed lane in the field of world science and technology. The development of artificial intelligence is inseparable from data annotation, so why does artificial intelligence need data annotation? What data labeling companies are there?


Why does artificial intelligence need data annotation?

Artificial intelligence in the field of computing is a computer program that can behave reasonably according to human needs. Then, in order to achieve artificial intelligence, it is necessary to teach the computer the ability of human understanding and judgment, so that the computer has the recognition ability similar to that of human beings. Therefore, in this process, computers need to imitate human beings for experience learning. And data labeling is to label the primary data such as pictures and videos that require computers to carry out machine learning, so that the computer can continuously identify the characteristics of these primary data, and finally allow the computer to identify independently.


Data labeling companies recommend:intelligence

As a professional Al data labeling company ,  Technology is committed to promoting the construction of a data resource standard system, providing high-quality data element supply services in terms of data production, data management platform, data asset market circulation, and data resource planning.

At present, Technology has four large-scale data processing bases in Fanguo, more than 1,000 professional artificial intelligence data trainers, and has developed a mature intelligent data labeling platform, covering labeling workbench and production capacity management system, forming an Al training data platform The one-stop service of “acquisition, standardization, management, and storage” provides complete data processing capabilities in all fields of voice, image, text, and video.


Technology delivers high-quality AI data for algorithm models in various fields such as smart driving, smart city, smart home, smart finance, smart education, smart security, and new retail. Provide AI data collection, data labeling, data set products, custom development of labeling platforms, fake fingerprint collection and fingerprint anti-counterfeiting algorithm services for thousands of artificial intelligence companies and university scientific research institutions around the world.

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