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Essence Communication?

Essence Communication 2021?

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“Any act by which one person gives or receives from another person information about that person’s needs, desires, ideas, information, or circumstances involved. and it can happen either verbally or otherwise. ”


“Communication is the verbal, physical and verbal communication of a human being”.

Imagine a world without communication! You have a good plan with you, but you do not have the ability to communicate. You have a strong desire for something, but you cannot communicate with your desires. Life would be boring, empty, and unworthy of life on earth. Such is the authority of communication.

Communication is the essence of life:

It is necessary to communicate, people need to communicate .One must speak in order to express one’s feelings, to pass on information to another person and to share one’s thoughts and feelings.


Types of communication:
There are four types of communication.


Voice Communication.
Non-verbal communication
Text editing
Visual Variability


Voice Communication:

Verbal communication includes sound, words, languages ​​and speech. There are many languages ​​spoken in the world such as Urdu, English, and French etc. Language arrangements are basic gender, class, profession, location, age group and additional social bases.


Word Exchange or Non-verbal communication

Non-verbal communication involves physical contact such as tone of voice, touch, smell, and body language. Artistic and visual communication such as singing, music, dancing and recording


Text Communication or editing

Writing communication to write the words you want to say. Good written communication is mandatory for business purposes .Writing communication is a practice in many different languages ​​such as E-mails, messages, articles and memos is one of the best ways to use written communication in business. .


Visual Communication:

This is the last type of communication that is visual communication. Visual communication is a visual representation of information such as geography, photography, symbols, symbols, and designs. Television and video clips are an electronic form of visual communication.


Management Communication:

Management communication is a function that helps managers to communicate independently with employees within the organization.

Communication facilitates the transfer of information from one party to another called the sender to the other.

Management Communication facilitates the smooth flow of information between managers working to achieve the same goal. The message should be clear and well-understood practically.

Team members should find out what their manager or team leader intends to contact.

Effective management communication enables information to flow as you wish between managers, team leaders and their teams.


Management communication is of the following two types:

Interpersonal Communication – Interpersonal communication usually occurs between two or more people at work.

Organizational Communication – Communication that occurs at all levels of the organization refers to management communication.


Management Communication Behavior

An effective manager is one who communicates effectively with his subordinates. Managers really need to express their views without hesitation so that team members can understand what is really going to come out of them.

There are usually two ways in which managers communicate with their subordinates:


Voice Communication:

Verbal communication is called oral communication. There is no record in oral communication.

Managers need to know how to communicate with employees. She selects the right words when talking to group members. His voice should also be polite when the boss speaks to the staff .They can easily understand what the manager is saying or they may confuse what the manager is saying.


Text Communication:

Communication is done via emails, letters, reports, etc. The manager is very good at writing a letter or email to employees. etc. not using castles of color and size of towers are the same.


Body Language:

The manager should take care of their body language and their appearance should be very good. The supervisor should be friendly to the team member but not always communicating. Managers have to maintain quality. When a manager speaks a voice it should be clear that everyone can hear and understand easily and most importantly when speaking or speaking to staff the choice of words should be good.

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Organization Communication:

There are two types of organizational communication.


Formal communication

In official communication


Formal Communication:

Changing which hierarchy of partners in the workplace. Employees speak officially at work about work done on time or not.


Informal Communication:

Many employees used to talk informally while having lunch or dinner or sitting together .E.g. planning a picnic or movie etc.


Communication Flow Guide:

There are two types of communication flow guidance:


High communication

Low ward communication.


Top Links:

The flow of information from employees to management .When employees share their work ethic, work, responsibilities and what they feel about the organization.


Low connection:

Lower ward communication occurs when information flows from management to staff. When a manager gives staff a job it is called a sub-ward communication.


Communication Obstacles:

There are a large number of audio sources or interruptions that can enter the communication system that prevent you from achieving the desired result.


There are five types of obstacles.


Language is a major barrier to communication as I speak Urdu and he speaks Malaysian he cannot speak alone in a common language. We need a translator or we can speak a common language like English


Full Information.

If you are a company manager and take it to uneducated employees and tell them about nice and well-chosen names that they can understand and the barrier to communication.


Time pressure:

You are a company manager talking to employees with just 15 minutes to say but you have to split the company plane talking quickly .Few things are understood by an employee and are confusing in a few things and an obstacle to communication.



He sat in a meeting and gave the workers a job and they had to give the result of the work but they could not give the result and angrily started yelling at him and it was an obstacle to communication.


Disruption / Noise:

You have attended an official meeting in the conference hall to discuss a sensitive issue and the event is taking place near the conference room and you hear the sound of cars and horns on the street and you do not concert in the meeting the barrier to communication.



If you are in a position of responsibility and want to get a very senior position or you want to improve yourself to become a successful company manager then you should learn at least 3 ways to communicate with people.


Explicit communication:

As a manager you should clearly control that everyone can easily understand you and when you write a letter to staff you should know the art of writing a letter. Do not use color castles and different types of towers.


As a manager you have to listen to the employee. This is important to improve your communication skills.



As a manager you should respect all employees in the organization even if you give orders to employees. If you have a full stomach you should be modest and not disrespect the staff. This is also important for communication skills.

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Communication is very important in your life .Without communication, we cannot express your feelings. Sometimes there is a barrier to communication so that we can communicate with each other. Especially if you work in an organization, you have to complete the communication barrier is to develop the company .And in the opinion of the manager they greatly improve their communication skills

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