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Best Transliteration English to Urdu

Best Transliteration English to Urdu


Transliteration. Approximately our Urdu typing and translation software:
Our unfastened typing software is powered by way of Google. It presents rapid and accurate typing – making it clean to type the Urdu language everywhere on the net.

When you kind a word in English and press a spacebar key, the word may be transliterated into Urdu. Press the backspace key or click on the chosen phrase to get extra options at the dropdown menu.

The procedure of transliterating English to Urdu is very quick and our on-line software program lets in unlimited characters and words to be transliterated. moreover, when you enter the spacebar, the textual content will be routinely stored in your computer. So in case of browser crash or on the second go to, the previously transliterated textual content might be retrieved and displayed.

Our typing software program is straightforward and easy to use as you don’t want to do not forget complicated keyboard layout or exercise typing for days and days in order to kind fluently in Urdu.


transliteration english
translation english to hindi


Once you’ve got completed typing, you can e-mail them to all and sundry free of charge from our internet site. instead, you may reproduction the textual content and proportion them both on social media which include facebook, Twitter, blog, remark or paste it at the phrase report for in addition formatting and processing of the textual content.

When you have any guidelines or remarks then please leave a touch upon our facebook page. in the end, and most importantly please like and percentage our web page on fb with your beloved.

Capabilities you must realize:

Typing English phrases inside the above textual content region might be converted into the closest corresponding Urdu phrase or script.

for instance, typing “Aap kasai hai?” will be transliterated into “آپ کسی ہے ?”.

Press (Ctrl+G) to replace between English and Urdu.

Use the backspace or click on any words to get more picks on a drop-down menu.

once you’ve got completed typing, e-mail it on your buddies and own family.

surely reproduction and paste to post content on facebook, Twitter, or layout it on a textual content editor consisting of word document.

download and install Urdu software program in your laptop. After putting in, kind in Urdu on any textual content editor – without or with the internet connection.

The Urdu alphabet is written from proper to left and it consist of 58 letters – of which 39 are fundamental letters even as 18 are digraphs to aspirated regular.

Urdu is distinguished maximum with the aid of its big Persian influences. the usual Urdu script is a changed model of the Perso-Arabic script. it’s far accomplished to house the phonology of Hindustani.

Urdu incorporates many historic spellings from Arabic and Persian. therefore, it has many irregularities. Letters of Urdu Alphabets are:
ا ,ب ,پ , ت ,ٹ ,ث ,ج ,چ ,ح ,خ ,د ,ڈ ,ذ ,ر ,ڑ ,ز ,ژ ,س ,ش ,ص ,ض ,ط ,ظ ,ع ,غ ,ف ,ق ,ك ,گ ,ل ,م ,ن ,ں ,هـ ,و ,ھ ,ء ,ي ,ے

This website gives a web tool, powered by using Google, to translate English to Urdu word, sentence and phrases – making this one of the pleasant English to Urdu translation software within the internet. Due to the fact typing is natural you don’t have to do not forget complex Urdu keyboard layout or spend hundreds of hours doing speed test.

Moreover, if you do not have the net connection and would love to kind Urdu offline – you can do it easily by way of installing our software program totally free. Please, visit this hyperlink. there is an in depth commands on how to download and set up this software. as soon as set up for your laptop (pc or Mac) you could effortlessly type Urdu on fb, Twitter, WhatsApp, word file and e mail it. therefore, we extraordinarily advise putting in the software program.

Normally Used terms in Urdu

in English in Urdu

hi there āssālam ‘alaykum

السلام علیکم

respond to whats up formal – wālaikum assalām

وعليكم السلام informal – salām


How are you? male – ap kaise hain

آپ کيسے ہيں؟ female – ap kaisi hain

آپ کیسی ہيں؟ also – kya haal hai

كيا حال ہے

Replying to “How are you? main thik hun, shukriya! aur ap?

میں ٹھیک ہوں، شکریہ! اور آپ؟

have not seen you for long time kafi weqt se ap ko dekha nehin

کافی وقت سے آپ کو د‏یکھا نھیں

what is your call? ap ka nam kya hai

آپ كا نام كيا ہے؟

My call is … mera nam … hai

ميرا نام … ہے

wherein are you from? ap ka taluq kahan se hai?

آپکا تعلق کہاں سے ہے؟

i am from … mera taluq … se hai

میرا تعلق … سے ہے

Do you speak Urdu? kya ap Urdu bolte hain?

كيا آپ اردو بولتے ہیں؟

English to Urdu phrase to Greet …

in English in Urdu

Welcome khush āmdīd

خوش آمديد

thrilled to meet you ap se milker khushi huwi!

آپ سَے ملکر خوشی ہوًی!

appropriate Morning subha bākhair

صبح بخير

appropriate Afternoon roz bākhair

روز بخير

accurate evening roz bākhair

روز بخير

top night shab bākhair

شب بخیر

good-bye khuda hafiz

خدا حافظ

right good fortune allah ka fazal ho

اللہ کا فضل ہو!

Have a very good adventure (satisfied adventure) ap ka safer acha guzrae

آپ کا سفر اچھا گزرے

Have a pleasing Day ap ka din acha guzrae

آپ کا دن اچھا گزرے

Have a pleasing meal maze karein


Cheers! precise fitness! pain sehat kay leyae

اچھی صہت کۓ لی‍ۓ!

Urdu /ˈʊərduː/ (اُردُو‎ ) is the countrywide language of Pakistan with 94 million speaker, and a legit language of six states of India. it is also one of the 22 official language identified inside the Consititution of India and has around sixty five million of speaker in India on my own.

Phrase or about our translation tool
Our English to Urdu Translation tool is powered with the aid of Google Translation API. you can start typing in the left-hand text region and then click at the “Translate” button. Our app will then translate your English phrase, word, or sentence into Urdu.

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A computer, flag of Great Britain and book titled Speak English 

The interpretation simplest takes some seconds and allows up to 500 characters to be translated in a single request. despite the fact that this translation won’t be a hundred% correct, you can still get a basic concept, and with a few changes, it could be pretty accurate. This translation software is evolving each day, and Google Engineers are continuously running on it to make Urdu translation greater wise and accurate. hopefully, one day it will produce near-perfect translations!

The Urdu language is broadly spoken, with extra than 70 million humans around the world speaking it. For people who can’t talk Urdu, translating from Urdu to English may be quite hard. Many web sites provide offerings to translate Urdu for a rate. whilst it is a good concept to pay for translating big quantities of textual content (which includes books or articles) or for expert services, there may be no need to pay for generally used sentences, greeting messages, and other informal makes use of. For these purposes, our device may be pretty helpful.

You could reproduction the translated text after which percentage it on social media structures which include facebook or Twitter, or electronic mail it to your friends or circle of relatives.

If you have any hints, or in case you encounter a translated sentence that is specially humorous, please percentage it with us on our fb web page. And subsequently, take into account to offer us a like and proportion our web page on fb with your loved ones.

Capabilities you must realize:
English sentence and word can be translated into Urdu which means.

For E.g. typing:
“There are over one hundred million local audio system of Urdu in India” will be translated into “بھارت میں a hundred ملین سے زائد مقامی بولنے والے اردو ہیں”
Use our translator tool as English to Urdu dictionary.

For E.g.
“smooth” meaning in Urdu could be “آسان”
“God” which means in Urdu can be “خدا”
Powered via Google.

  • excessive Accuracy price.
  • immediately on line Translation.
  • up to 500 characters can be translated into one request.
  • unlimited translation.
  • Get translated text in Unicode Urdu fonts. this indicates you could reproduction and paste it anywhere on the web or computer programs.
  • This translation tool is loose.

typically Spoken English to Urdu terms

i really like you

میں تم سے پیار کرتا ہوں


خوش آمدید



How are you?

آپ کیسے ہو؟

I’m first-class and you?

میں ٹھیک ہوں اور تم؟

what’s your call?

آپ کا نام کیا ہے؟

My call is Akram

میرا نام اکرم ہے

thrilled to meet you

آپ سے مل کر نہایت خوشی ہوئی

thank you


Excuse me / Sorry

معاف کیجئے گا / معذرت

Do you communicate English?

کیا آپ انگلش بول سکتے ہیں؟

I don’t speak Urdu properly

میں مراٹھی اچھی نہیں بولتا ہوں

I don’t understand

میں اردو اچھی بات نہیں کرتا

Please communicate slowly

مہربانی فرما کے آہستہ بولیں

in which are the restrooms?

بیت الخلاء کہاں ہیں؟

can i alternate cash?

کیا میں پیسہ بدلا سکتا ہوں؟

How a lot is this?

یہ کتنا ہے؟

It’s too luxurious!

یہ بہت مہنگا ہے!

Please say it again

براہ کرم یہ دوبارہ کہیں

Left / right / immediately

بائیں / دائیں / سیدھے

more Urdu phrases …
regularly requested Questions (FAQ)

How Does English To Urdu textual content Translation Works?

Our translation carrier either use Google or Microsoft to translate the textual content you’ve got typed in english.

English To Bengali Translation

English To Bengali Translation 

Whenever you kind a word, sentence or word in english – we send API requests to both Google or Microsoft for a translation. In go back, they send again a reaction with a translated text in urdu.

Their system use system-language technology to deliver collectively a few slicing edge technologies along with synthetic intelligence (deep mastering), big records, net APIs, cloud computing and so on to carry out higher great translations.

Are we able to down load This Translation provider?

No. At a second you can best use our urdu translation on-line.

But, you can set up the Chrome extension device known as Google Translate Chrome Extension.

As soon as this translation tool is hooked up, you could highlight and proper-click on phase of text and click on “Translate” icon to translate it to the language of your desire. moreover, you can translate entire web web page by means of clicking on the “Translate” icon at the browser toolbar.

It guide over one hundred languages.

What different tools Do you’ve got For Urdu Typing And Translation?

We’ve the subsequent gear:

Urdu Typing enter device:

With this device you could type in English and Get in urdu. For E.g. typing “Aap kasai hai?” offers you “آپ کسی ہے ?”. Typing urdu is herbal, and also you don’t need to recollect the complicated urdu keyboard. Please visit: www.EasyUrduTyping.com to apply this device.

This urdu typing is actually loose and you may e-mail the textual content you have typed to everybody – inclusive of your self.

Urdu Speech Translator:

Urdu speech translation service is furnished via each Microsoft and Google. They both use their own cognitive services to translate spoken phrases and phrases right into a language of your desire. For a few languages, you may listen the translation spoken aloud.

Microsoft Translator mainly powers speech translation feature throughout its merchandise which may be used for live Presentation, In-person or far off Translated conversation (along with Skype), Media Subtitling, customer support and business Intelligence.

Is this Translation unfastened?

sure. This Eng. to Urdu text translation is definitely free. you may use our translation tool for both private and commercial use.

however, we’ve got the following regulations:

In keeping with Request restrict: At any time you may translate as much as maximum of 500 in keeping with request. but, there is no restrict at the variety of request you can ship.
day by day restriction : even as you may make some of requests for translation, you won’t be able to translate if we run out of a each day quota.
these regulations are positioned to ensure that robots or automatic software program are not abusing this centers.

Am i able to Translate From Urdu To English?

sure. To translate from Urdu to English visit this hyperlink.
Why The Translated text is not accurate?

englishAre you looking for the best professional literary translator?

englishAre you looking for the best professional literary translator? 

As explained earlier, the gadget-language generation is used to carry out the interpretation. This translation software program is evolving every day and as a time goes by means of the interpretation goes to be pretty accurate – specially for typically used phrase and sentences.

At a moment, it isn’t best but our translation software is beneficial for folks that needs assist framing the sentence and get trendy idea on what the sentence or phrase is conveying the message.

Translationly typing is a multilingual transliteration internet site to help you to transliterate your text from English in your native language. you can effortlessly use this website to kind a phrase, word, or a sentence in English to fast kind on your native language.

No want to examine the brand new keyboard sample to write down in your language. simply use the identical vintage English keyboard layout to make this take place.

for instance; in case you kind “Aap kya kar rahe hai?” in English, it’s going to immediately transliterate “आप क्या कर रहे है?” in Hindi.

Our unfastened translationly typing internet site uses Google Transliteration provider, and it’s speedy, accurate, and secured. after you kind a word in English and press the spacebar, it will mechanically transliterate your text in language. you can also hit the backspace key or click on the selected word to get greater options on the dropdown menu.

The method of transliteration from English to Urdu is easy, and you may use our unfastened English to Urdu typing tool to transliterate any variety of words, terms, and sentences. additionally, you don’t need to examine complicated Urdu typing keyboards format.

capabilities of English to Urdu Typing

Simple Transliteration: you could without difficulty transliterate your phrase from English to Urdu the use of the easy to apply the QWERTY keyboard layout. You do not need to study the complicated Urdu keyboard format.
transliterate limitless words: you could speedy type limitless phrases, sentences, and phrases to transliterate it into the Urdu language fast. So it’ll make your Urdu typing clean.
Powered by using Google Transliteration provider: As it’s far powered by using google, it affords the quickest and most accurate transliteration phrases for Urdu typing.
Toolsbar: Press (Ctrl + G) collectively to toggle (switch) among English and Urdu language.
a way to use English to Urdu Transliteration

Simply type your phrase in English and hit the spacebar. it’s going to mechanically transliterate into Urdu language. you could additionally click on the chosen word to get more alternatives from the drop-down menu.

To alternate the typing mode, press (Ctrl + G) collectively, and it will toggle between two modes of transliteration. you could use this typing device for any cause like writing emails, creating a document in Urdu language, and plenty extra.

there may be no restrict on using this tool. you can type as many phrases you need to type in Urdu language with none hassle. additionally, this typing device is unfastened to use for each person, so begin the use of it right away!

Why use English to Urdu Transliteration

The principle cause for the use of this typing device is that it makes your Urdu typing clean and rapid. You don’t need to analyze the complicated Urdu keyboard layout to type in Urdu language. simply use the equal old English keyboard, and you are right to move!

Some other cause for the use of this typing tool is that it’s far powered by means of Google Transliteration service. So it offers the maximum accurate and speedy transliteration for Urdu typing.

Translate English to Hindi

How to Translate English to Hindi
Language is a useful asset that interfaces individuals across the globe, empowering successful correspondence and the trading of thoughts. While English to hindi translation is one of the most broadly communicated in dialects worldwide, perceiving the significance of different dialects

So what are you looking forward to? start using our loose English to Urdu typing tool proper away!

often asked Questions

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  • How much Transliteration price?
  • Does English to Urdu Transliteration tool through Translationly is reliable to use?
  • Can i Use English format keyword to jot down in Urdu?
  • I am no longer Getting The favored phrase After Transliteration? What need to I Do?
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Translate from English to Urdu online

Need to translate an e-mail from a dealer in Urdu or a website whilst traveling abroad? Lingvanex introduces a unfastened on line translator that instantly translates from English to Urdu or from Urdu to English!

Our Lingvanex translator works using device translation generation, that is the automatic translation of textual content using synthetic intelligence, with out human intervention. This era guarantees complete confidentiality of the processed facts.


hindi to english translation

How does gadget translation paintings? artificial intelligence first analyzes the supply textual content and creates an intermediate version of its translation, and then converts it into textual content in the target language using grammatical guidelines and dictionaries.

What makes a Lingvanex translator the pleasant translator?

complete Confidentiality: making sure the security and privacy of Your Translation.

superior performance: evaluate Translation first-rate with a trial.

versatile Translation: on line & Offline talents, text-to-Speech, Speech-to-text.

comprehensive gear: Dictionary, Phrasebook, Translation of text, Speech, documents, pictures, internet Pages.

full-size Language insurance: Over 100 Languages Supported.

Seamless Integration: compatible with home windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android and internet.

Responsive aid: Lingvanex aid team available for help.

What makes a Lingvanex translator the pleasant translator?

Translate from English to Urdu

Translate from Urdu to English

listen to translations with the text-to-speech characteristic

Edit text and cite sources at the equal time with included writing equipment

revel in completely unfastened translation

Use the strength of AI to translate text fast and

Translate on-line—without downloading an app

Translate among languages on a cellular-pleasant platform

find out a few exciting information about the Urdu language:

Urdu (Hindi urdū), deriving from Persian zabān i urdū, actually method the language of the camp. It was recognized earlier as Hindvi, Hindi, and Hindustani.

Urdu is a residing language spoken by means of close to one hundred million humans round the arena. It’s the language of Pakistan and is utilized by English audio system. it’s also spoken and understood in parts of India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and components of the center East; so it’s also an “Islamic language”.

Some English phrases find their foundation in Urdu: bandana, storm, bungalow, pajama, shampoo. it’s miles a enormously subtle language and many of its words are used to expose appreciate and decency.

Except, over ninety% of the script of Urdu is same to Arabic and Persian, so learning Urdu could assist study Arabic and Persian alphabets without difficulty.

Popular English-Urdu terms for starting verbal exchange
This list provides a few basic Urdu phrases to get you started out. take into account that translation and utilization of these terms may be stimulated by way of context and cultural nuances.

good day – السّلامُ علیکم (Assalam-u-alaikum.)

true morning – صبح بخیر (Subah bakhair.)

exact afternoon – سہ پہر بخیر (Seh pehar bakhair.)

right night – شب بخیر (Shab bakhair.)

How are you? – آپ کیسے ہیں؟ (Aap kaisay hain?)

i am exceptional – میں بخیریت ہوں۔ (Mei bakhairiyat hun.)

thanks – شکریہ (Shukriah.)

Excuse me – گستاخی معاف (Gustakhi maaf.)

Sorry – معافی چاہتا / چاہتی ہوں۔ (Maafi chahta / chahti hun.)

what is your name? – آپ کا نام کیا ہے؟ (Aap ka naam kia hai?)

My name is Ahmad – میرا نام احمد ہے۔ (Mera naam Ahmad hai.)

best to fulfill you – آپ سے مِل کر اچھا لگا۔ (Aap say mil ker acha laga.)

sure – ہاں (Haan)

No – ہاں (Haan)

can you help me? – کیا آپ میری مدد کر سکتے ہیں؟ (Kia aap meri madad ker saktay hain?)

where is the restroom? – بیت الخلاء کہاں ہے؟ (Bait-ul-khala kahan hai?)

How a whole lot is this? – یہ کتنے کا / کی ہے؟ (Yeh kitnay ka / ki hai?)

What time is it? – وقت کیا ہوا ہے؟ (Waqt kia hua hai?)

five specific approaches to research a language

Use flashcards. Make flashcards of the vital words and terms. Use them for practice every day. you can put a few pix, useful for recalling the meanings. The more often you pass over your vocabulary flashcards, the sooner you’ll be capable of put new words into your long-time period reminiscence.

Find out Urdu media. Plunge your self into Urdu content material which include music, television shows, podcasts and films. everyday being attentive to the dialogues of native speakers, their intonations, and vocabulary will help you speed up your speaking capability.

Play video games. Use language learning apps that educate Urdu as a language; most of them have quizzes, talking sporting events and interactive lessons. The everyday use of those assets will sincerely improve your getting to know capacity and language acquisition.

Attend speaking golf equipment. participate in on-line or neighborhood Urdu-speakme groups. these communities provide a healthful and encouraging surroundings for talking exercise. Interacting with folks who are fluent in a language and others who are also getting to know can enhance yourself-self assurance and inspire you to exercise frequently.
learn the tradition.

Get deeper into the language to understand the Pakistani people’s heat nature and their generosity in the direction of strangers. Family connections are relatively valued, with extended households often dwelling close to each other. you’ll notice that the Urdu language serves as a image of each cohesion and variety.

About our Urdu Typing tool:
Our free online Urdu typing software makes use of Google transliteration typing provider. It gives speedy and accurate typing – making it smooth to type the Urdu language anywhere at the internet.

When you type a word in English and hit a space bar key, the word will be transliterated into Urdu. you may also hit a backspace key or click on on the chosen word to get extra options on the dropdown menu.

The procedure of transliterating Urdu to English could be very quick and allows limitless characters and phrases to be transliterated. moreover, while you input the gap bar, the text could be saved to your computer automatically. So in case of a browser crash or on the second visit, the previously transliterated textual content might be recovered.

Our clean Urdu Typing is actually easy and smooth to apply as you don’t need to take into account complex Urdu keyboard layout or practice Urdu typing for days and days so as to kind fluently in Urdu.

As soon as you’ve got completed typing you could e mail them to all people free of charge of fee. instead, you may replica the textual content and proportion it either on social media which include facebook, Twitter, weblog, remark or paste it on the phrase record for in addition formatting and processing of the textual content.

If you have any pointers or remarks then please depart a comment on our facebook web page. sooner or later, however most significantly, please like and proportion our page on facebook with your beloved.

Useful features of online Urdu Typing:
Typing romanized English phrases into the above textual content area can be transformed into Urdu.

as an example, typing “Aap kasai hai?” turns into “آپ کسی ہے ?”.

Use the backspace key or click on any words to get greater picks of words on a dropdown menu.

Press (Ctrl + G) collectively to toggle (transfer) among English and Urdu language.

Any text you type on the above text area is robotically saved on your pc for per week. that is beneficial within the occasion of a crash or surprising shutdown of your computer.

effortlessly replica or down load Urdu textual content for your computer or cellular gadgets.

you can insert special characters (e.g. ؠ، ۽، ٮ، ٯ) and many different Urdu characters through clicking on the assist button – which is positioned simply beneath the bottom proper nook

of the typing text area.


audio translation
best English to hindi translation voice


You can also send e-mail in Urdu for your buddies and own family without spending a dime.

ultimately, if you like to assist us then please donate or buy us a espresso at ko-fi.com.

Urdu (اردو) is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by way of most of the people of human beings in Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir, and by means of full-size minorities in the Indian states of Delhi, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, and West Bengal.

The language is spoken via approximately 50 million native speakers and 12 million secondary audio system.

Not like other Indo-Aryan script, Urdu is written from proper to left, and has 39 consonants, 10 vowels and several different diacritical marks. Urdu is written in Nastaliq script that is a modified shape of the Farsi script. This script is likewise used to jot down Punjabi, Sindhi, and Kashmiri.


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