Audio Data

Language-specific audio and voice datasets for speech recognition training Quick delivery of a significant volume of human-generated, high-quality training data for your speech recognition algorithms. You have access to more than 3.6 million 24x7offshoring around the world who can produce customized speech recognition datasets (Audio Datasets & Voice Datasets), transcribe voice recordings (audio transcription), and categories audio files (audio classification) in more than 30 languages and numerous dialects in accordance with your specifications.

Why 24x7offshoring for Audio Datasets?

Voice and audio data sets Creation of Speech Recognition Datasets by Harvesting

Every person has a different voice and speaking style. They have different dialects, intonations, pacing, and pronunciation. The creation of automated speech recognition systems is complicated by these elements.

In order to cover the spectrum of subtleties in human language and, as a result, be able to carry out the proper actions, a reliable speech recognition system must be trained utilizing a high volume of high-quality audio datasets and voice datasets and produced by a broad group of people.

  • You may get voice recognition datasets on
  • How users form and pronounce voice assistant commands
  • How users react to and critique speech recognition technology
  • Pronunciation and emphasis of pre-written phrases
  • How well statements are comprehended when spoken by persons from different backgrounds and against various noise levels
  • Large numbers of voice records and audio datasets in a short period of time
  • tens of thousands of distinct and real voice patterns
  • a huge number of dialects and languages
  • voice recordings made in different settings
  • Utilizing the 24x7offshoring app, speech recordings with instantaneous data transmission
  • Multiple data formats, including 8- and 16-bit audio and speech datasets in wav, mp3, stereo, and more formats

Voice and audio dataset transcription audio transcription

Transcription of voice and audio datasets

Large-scale human-made audio datasets and voice datasets are necessary for machine learning in high-performance speech recognition systems that translate spoken language into text.

We supply voice recordings and provide audio transcriptions in several languages with the aid of our global network of 24x7offshoring.

Only qualified 24x7offshoring produce the audio transcriptions; they follow instructions exactly and are reviewed before being approved.

Your voice recognition system may continue to learn and improve by using these crucial training data:

  • In a short period of time, a large number of audio transcriptions were produced.
  • Multiple languages are available.
  • proper punctuation
  • There is audio-specific commentary available.
  • different data types
  • Verification of audio transcription quality

Classification of Voice and Audio Datasets

Classification of Audio

Speech recognition systems must be able to accurately understand, evaluate, and situate the spoken word in the proper context if they are to learn how to communicate and carry out activities.

These details may be extracted from audio files by our 24x7offshoring, who can then provide them as training data for your speech recognition system.

For instance, analyses may take into account the spoken text’s topic matter, emotional intonation, and audio file quality (specific to clear sound, articulation and accuracy of the voice commands).

Your system receives top-notch audio datasets from the analysis of this data, together with more thorough content-related details about the audio files, all of which are designed for use in human interaction:

  • Quick quality filtration for a lot of audio files
  • A thorough examination of the material using human intelligence
  • multiple languages
  • A review of the audio categories’ quality

Managed Service Voice & Audio Datasets with 24x7offshoring

The goals of the project will be discussed with you by your consultant from our team. Our experienced project managers will put up the tasks in accordance with your requirements based on this information. You will only be able to hire competent 24x7offshoring to work on your voice recognition dataset project.

It is also possible to arrange for specific task training before beginning work on your project.

You can be sure that you will only get high-quality speech recognition datasets since all the audio datasets and voice datasets produced by our 24x7offshoring, as well as the audio transcriptions and evaluations, will be submitted to a final review.

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