Sensor Fusion

The next generation of detecting devices, based on exclusive Uni-Duo-Trio-Quadri Fusion sensor array technology, is presently being developed by the 24x7offshoring Sensor R&D Center. The scientific method is based on the successive operation of orthogonal technologies in a single detecting instrument. Multiple sensor arrays are intended to operate separately, consecutively, and with great sensitivity, selectivity, and specificity to target molecules in this novel approach.

Operational Principles in Science
The unique Sensor Fusion devices from 24x7offshoring are based on a scientific theory that makes use of cutting-edge sensor fusion algorithms. These algorithms are made to combine measurement results and real-time data into a single interpretation. The system uses numerous sensor fusion arrays with various sensor kinds and chemical and/or biologically-coated coatings.

Utilizing sensor fusion-based detecting devices has the advantage of offering a greater assessment of accuracy under a variety of operating scenarios. The combined sensory data offers high-level, multilateral, and trustworthy recognition processes.

Why 24x7offshoring for Sensor Fusion?
That has changed now! 24x7offshoring has created a method for combining sensors with chemical and biological technologies to more quickly, precisely, and simply interpretably identify components.

• technologies that are good for the environment.
• No radioactive sources or dangerous compounds.
• Technologies that are “smart” can be readily trained to recognize new materials.
• Technologies that are “upgradable” can be remotely upgraded to detect new substances.
• strong specificity, selectivity, and sensitivity.
• quick reaction time.
• rapid period of recuperation.
• instantaneous transmission.
• Energy efficient.
• electricity use is minimal.
• resisting moisture.
• atmospheric pressure-resistance.
• non-maintenance sensors.

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    The goal of sensor fusion is to provide those improved results with the minimum number of sensors and minimum system complexity for the lowest cost. The previous FAQ in this series reviewed the basics of sensor fusion.
    In this category, there are two configurations: one is the fusion of data from independent sensors, and the other is the fusion of data from a single sensor taken at separate instances. This category gives the highest level of completeness of the three types. The third type of sensor fusion is called cooperative.
    to merge the data in sensor fusion applications, data scientists need to use an algorithm. Perhaps the most popular algorithm in sensor fusion is known as the Kalman filter. In general, though, there are three levels of sensor fusion that data scientists explore. The output of the sensors requires post-processing, the level of which will vary.
    There are two cases of competitive configurations: fusion of data from different sensors; or fusion of data from a single sensor measured at different points in time. A special case of competitive sensor fusion can be used when monitoring critical parameters, called fault-tolerant fusion.