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4 Ways To Use Overdub To Convert A Better Voice

A common Overdub voice over software requires you to walk behind the microphone whenever you need to
edit, correct an error, or simply record something new. But Overdub is not your standard voiceover
app, and it can expand what you can do with your voice. Here are four ways to use Overdub to
record better voice overs.

Quickly correct voice errors over text

Your company or organization is about to launch a new, amazing product, and you have just spent
many hours learning how to speak. After a lot of capture and polishing, your team has created a
series of smart, engaging videos that will work wonders on social media.
Four days before launch, top brass says that due to legal concerns, the name of a key feature in the
product should change. The designers started working on making all the necessary changes. Your
marketing director will send you an email: “We need to fix those videos.”
Normally, that may mean hours of hard voice when editing, but Overdub will allow you to make
voice changes over the script in minutes. Enter a word in Descript, search for the name of the old
product in the text, and type a new one. Overdub will do the rest, and your marketing director will
be amazed at how effective you are.

Create the first tracks of video games, animations, or
written podcasts Overdub

Stacking ex
If you work in animation, video games, or written podcasts, scratch tracks are an essential tool.
Normally, project visuals are locked, but there may be hundreds (or thousands!) Of voice lines to
work with. The time, speed, and rhythm of each planning line vary, and you will need to check how
they sound before committing to the final recording.
Typically, creating scratch tracks involves fast, repetitive recording. It is a necessary, but very difficult
practice to ensure that your final recording is the best. You know what they say: “Double measure,
cut once.”
Instead of coming in front of a microphone to record twelve lines of slightly different script, type
those lines in Descript and let Overdub do the job of producing audio. You will be able to create the
first tracks in a very short time, which means you will get to your last cut faster.
Add dialogue to marketing or voice teaching
Conversation is a great way to jazz up, especially if productive content is ongoing or part of a series,
such as marketing or instructional videos or podcasts. Naturally, recording a traditional dialogue
requires two people – which is not always the case, depending on your set of recording and
Overdub means you do not need a second person to record the dialogue. If you are part of a group
that uses Descript, a co-worker can share with you Overdub Voice, so you can add dialogue to your
voice by typing his or her parts.

Adjust educational and grade content

For teachers, teachers, and professionals, creating and editing a voice is a much needed skill. Video
and podcast content is essential for learning grades and visual classes, but even in a regular
classroom or classroom environment, they make an excellent resource.
At a large public university, a professor may record a series of introductory lessons to use as always
green content for students to return to during leisure. This content may be stored for years, with
minor changes made to current events or changes in the field. Traditionally, editing content like this
will involve re-recording of all categories or over-shooting in small versions. Overdub lets you update
this type of content in minutes.
Podcast recording is ideal for additional or inconsistent reading content. If students need help
digesting things that do not fit well into the curriculum, a short podcast is a great way to help them.
Overdub is a quick solution for the inevitable small updates you will need to make – you can even use
it to make an entire podcast.

Take away the pain in your voice…..

Unless you are a skilled artist, recording and editing a voice is not a bad thing at all. Descript and try Overdub for free to see how it can make your life easier
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