5 Questions best Every Podcast Host Should Ask Their Visitors

5 Questions Every Podcast Host Should Ask Their Visitors

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While you always feel you need to prepare to have podcast visitors and you have some good
questions, you may be wondering what kind of questions you should ask. Creating questions for your
interview can be difficult because it has to be different for your visitor.
However, there are some
common questions and tips on the types of questions you should ask. So, if you have trouble figuring
out what questions to ask your visitor, keep reading!

Sample questions: Podcast

Topic Questions:

Topic questions are questions directly related to the topic of your podcast episode and your guest.
These questions focus on the topic and then start and lead the conversation.
• “What is the most common myth about [insert title here] and you can finish it?”
• “What advice would you give to someone who wants to get in [insert expertise here]?”
• “Are there any resources that really helped you in your journey?”

About Interview Questions:

Apart from the main questions, it is also a good idea to ask personal questions that allow the
interviewer to talk a little about himself or herself. This is important for the promotion of
interviewing and participation. These types of questions are also more likely to affect the audience
because they may be able to apply what is said in their lives and their future.
• “What do you wish you knew when you started?”
• “What led you to this [insert project, project, etc. here]?”
• “What do you think is your unique skill that has helped you to become successful?”

Promotion questions:

Promotional questions are set so that the interviewer can discuss what they are trying to promote,
whether that is a project, a product, a business, a brand, a person, etc.
• “How did this project start?”
• “What is your favorite memory related to this project?”

Seemingly Bad Questions:

Questions that seem uncomfortable can cause intelligent answers and logical reasoning.
• “A lot of people believe that [insert a job here] is so challenging that it becomes bigger and more
powerful. Why do you think people believe that?”
• “What is the most common reason why people fail or quit?”
Questions From the Box:
Questions from the box help keep the interview interesting, can make humorous contributions into
shared content, and help the interviewer stay on his toes. Unusual questions can be a refreshing part
of the discussion and can be helpful in keeping the interview free and interesting amidst the
seriousness of other questions.
• “What is your favorite name?”
• “What do you not know well?”
• “If you could have great power, what would it be?”
• “If you were the kind of food, what kind of food would you be?”
Podcast Host Advice
Questioning Tips:
• Keep it positive. While a question with a slightly different twist can create fictional answers, you do
not want to ask more than 1-2 questions that seem incorrect.
• Ask open-ended questions using words like “who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how.”
Avoid using words like “Are you,” “You did it,” and “You may like it.”
• Focus on asking relevant and engaging questions.
• Touch what your guest is passionate about.
• Honestly ask questions that you want the answers to.
• Always combine different questions to keep it interesting.
• Beware of sensitive or heartwarming topics.
• Let your topic and research guide your questions.
• Think about what your audience wants to read.
• Stay neutral.
• Don’t forget the following questions! You should not put everything in question 1. Divide long
questions into smaller ones and use them as follow-up questions.
Creating questions for your podcast discussion can be a daunting task. Of course, making separate
inquiries for your podcast visitor is a great goal.
However, there is nothing wrong with adding some
universal questions to your interview. And best of all, you can add something different to a regular
question to make it your own interesting question.
Enjoy podcasting!
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