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Best Accuracy of Speech Respect: Past, Present, Future

It was only six years later that Apple launched the beta version of
Siri in the world. Although, it is already easy to take for granted
what speech recognition brings to our daily lives.


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assistants like Siri and Alexa have recently given us ways to use
daily speech attention, but long before we met those chatting
ladies, speech recognition has been raising your vocabulary for
So, how far have we traveled and where are we heading? Let us
take a look at a well-respected discourse that began in 1952.
Family Tree Recognition Tree
• 1952 – Yes, of course, speech recognition software has its roots in
the days of sock hop and soda source. Bell Laboratories has
designed the “Audrey” system, a computer that can read a series
of digital readings in one voice.
• 1962 – The 1962 World Fair was the first of a series of IBM’s
Shoebox machines, which understood sixteen English spoken
words and 0-9 digits.
• 1976 —Carnegie-Mellon’s “Harpy” book was maligned by an evil
mythological creature to portray him as a “completely different
beast,” and it contained a vocabulary of 1011 words.
• 1987 – Speech recognition is growing into assets thanks to
“Markov’s hidden model,” even in the toy industry. In fact, look at
this disturbing commercial for a scary doll named “Julie,” who
used a predictable speech model in a way that ended up not
• 1990s – The first consumer-oriented speech software, Dragon
Dictate, was introduced for as low as $ 9000. In 1997, a new version
of $ 695 was released, but it still needed a 45-minute training
program before it could work. Today, Dragon products still lead
the industry to consumers.
• 2000s – As the first decade of the 21st Century took over, the
speech recognition technology gained 80% accuracy in 2001.
• 2011 – Apple released Siri as part of iOS 5, making speech
recognition software something consumers can hold in their
Judging the Accuracy of Speech Recognition Software
The accuracy of speech recognition software is always measured
by comparing the latest software product and handwriting by one
Analysts compare both text to calculate Word Error Rate,
or the number of incorrect words in automatic typing. In more
recent times, self-defense methods have been used, to address
complex issues, such as program structure.

Accuracy of Honor Speech Today

Modern industry-leading voice recognition software, such as Siri
and Alexa, is expected to be 95% or more accurate. There has been
some debate as to whether that number should be higher or
lower, but in March 2017,
IBM announced that it had reached an
error rate of 5.5%, compared with Microsoft’s 2016 rate of 6.3%.
Then, a few months later, Google announced during their I / O
conference in May that they had reached an unprecedented level
of 4.9%.
They said the development was due to the development
of in-depth reading methods, which had been used on Computer
Vision for image recognition.
Automatic services such as Temi can record audio recordings after
the recording is played only once, meaning the recording is
available in a few minutes.
Even voicemails and video captions are
backed up with speech recognition and analysis software, making
your call monitoring and private viewing of cat videos at work
easier than ever.
Accuracy of Speech Respect in the Future
The future of speech recognition technology seems to be
flourishing day by day. The levels of understanding in AI reach
almost perfect levels, and we as a society are in an exciting state of
view and achievement.
It is not uncommon for smartphones to have Siri or Ok Google
search functionality, but the most intelligent minds in the industry
are finding ways to bring speech technology to new and
emerging fields.
Smart devices like Microsoft’s Cortana and
Amazon’s Alexa use speech recognition in smart homes to make
everything from buying groceries to changing your music as easy
as talking loudly.
On the other hand, Waverly Labs has recently
introduced the Pilot Translation Kit, a set of small earbuds that will
detect any spoken language and translate it into your native
language automatically.
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Voice recognition came a long way from the talking dolls of the
World Exhibition. The next time you need help and you do not
know what to do next, you may find yourself asking:
computer? (Captain Kirk, eat your heart out.)
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