Facts About Baidu Search Engine 

Facts About Baidu Search Engine 

Baidu Search Engine

What Is Baidu Search Engine ?

Baidu is not just a simple search engine but a massive Chinese Company specializing in Internet related services and AI.

Baidu is considered one of the largest Tech Giants in China providing AI and internet services to the world.

In China, Google is banned and so most of the Chinese internet users rely on Baidu as their only choice.

Now let’s talk about some facts related to Baidu :

How did Baidu got its name ?

Baidu got its name from a very beautiful poem known as ” The green jade table in the lantern festival “. It was written by Xin Qiji. It tells us about the search for dreams in chaotic distractions.

The poem starts as “…Hundreds and thousands of times, for her I searched in chaos / Suddenly, I turned by chance, to where the lights were waning, and there she stood.”

If we connect the poem to the name of the company then it shows that the search engine allows the viewer to achieve a constant search for your dreams and the word means hundreds of times.

Who founded the search engine Baidu ?

Baidu was founded by Robin Li. Let’s talk about him that how he did it, he completed the degree of computer science at the Beijing University e but soon after the campus was shut down because of the democracy protests he moved to buffalo where he did his masters degree in the field of computer science after that thought of making a search engine that would help people to solve their queries and that’s how Baidu was founded.

Baidu beat Google in the field of Ad Revenue :

In the early days of the company it was a simple and a no-nonsense homepage for its users but there was one difference between this company and Google, the difference was that till then Google didn’t allowed companies 2 bit on space for advertisements while Baidu was allowing different companies to post their advertisement on its search engine.

AI powered cameras launched by Baidu :

It is not just a company that provides search engine services to its providers and users, it brings revenue from other business ventures and also invests in general Healthcare and education of the Chinese people.

In the year 2018 it launched a high tech AI powered camera which was able to spot I conditions that finally lead to blindness which is a huge step in the field of Technology.

Baidu’s total revenue was $16.4 Billion in the year 2020 :

The year 2020 e the CEO of this company released a statement that :

“Baidu ended 2020 on a solid note with our business benefiting from improving macroeconomic environment and the digitalization of industrial Internet. Our focus on innovation through technology is paying off with Baidu Core non-marketing revenue growing 52% year over year in the fourth quarter.”

“As we enter 2021, Baidu is well-positioned as a leading AI company with a strong Internet foundation to seize the huge market opportunities in cloud services, autonomous driving, smart transportation, and other AI opportunities. We also hope to capitalize on our huge Internet reach with more non-marketing services.”

Monthly active users of Baidu :

According to a report, Baidu has a total number of 580 million active users every month using the app for search engine services.

Most popular keywords on Baidu :

The most popular keywords that are being search on the search engine :

  • The pandemic.
  • Face Mask.
  • China’s Mars Exploration.
  • Return to China.
  • Moderately prosperous.

Baidu considered more than just a search engine : 

According to reports the users of the search engine can access news, maps, government searches, TV, anti virus products and more.

Priority of Baidu for websites :

Most Chinese websites that end with .cn, is the topmost priority of this company and if you need a 100% Chinese website then the first thing that you should do is to register your company in the country. Baidu Search Engine

Baidu’s reach beyond China :

Baidu, is a search engine that not only operates and China but also in USA, it comprises of four different groups, they are :

  • Baidu USDC.
  • Baidu Research US.
  • Smart living group US.
  • Intelligent driving group US.

So, these Awesome facts about Baidu. Now that you have read till here, I assume that you liked the blog and you have got some value from it. To continue embracing yourself with similar knowledge, just click on the link below: Baidu Search Engine


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