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In India

typing there is a popular chat forum called હર ની ધે ધે ધે. It’s a chat forum where people share secrets and stories with each other. A user named “samuel” is typing away.

One day, Samuel finds that he starts typing in English and speaking it in his head. He doesn’t understand what is happening, but for some reason it’s happening more often now. He tells his friends about this new development- which is soon to be a growing problem. They advise him to go to the doctor.

Samuel goes to the doctor and tells the doctor about these strange new developments. The doctor determines that Samuel has an illness called “Aphasia,” which is caused by loss of brain cells due to lack of oxygen when the brain is starved from lack of blood flow during birth or a stroke

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An Indian man moves to Toronto and struggles with typing on the English keyboard in his new country. He was able to learn how to type on a Hindi keyboard but knows that the language will be lost to him soon as he becomes more integrated into Canadian society.

The protagonist struggles with integrating into Canadian society, but eventually finds a job as a librarian for an English-speaking library in Toronto. The protagonist encounters a student constantly typing on a Hindi keyboard, who explains to him about her unique situation: she lives in Canada, but her parents were born in India. She would never learn Hindi because she has no one from India left in Toronto and speaks English fluently.

One day the protagonist sees that she has just typed “I love you” into Google Search, and the student realizes that she’s now typed something very personal online. The student confides this information with the protagonist and begins typing on her own computer at home so that she can keep her language alive by writing letters

A new professor of English who specializes in the translation of texts to Hindi is asked by a graduate student to help him translate a text from English to Hindi, but on one condition. The professor has to use his computerized typing skills on the project.

The professor agrees, and they begin translating the text together. However, after a while, he becomes uneasy with translating the text into Hindi with such ease and asks if it would be possible for him to speed up his process by typing in Hindi rather than English. The student agrees, and as their productivity skyrockets with that new method of typing in Hindi, their friendship grows stronger.

However, as they receive higher grades each day based on their translated work and their productivity is at an all-time high, they start receiving harsh criticisms from some of their peers. They eventually realize that the criticisms are because of envy for how quickly they finished their translation but not out of true suspicion or doubt that it was plagiarized.

I am an Indian girl and my name is Mala. I live in a small town that has a few other Indian people. I speak English but I am struggling to learn Hindi and I feel like I am missing out on every day conversations.


One day, my friend, who is also Indian and works in the agriculture industry, comes over to me with a computer program that she has been using for about a year now. As soon as she starts explaining how it works, my eyes light up and I immediately begin to learn how to type in Hindi! This program is life-changing for me!

I tell her how amazing this program is and she teaches me more about it and why it’s better than any other option for learning Hindi. Soon enough, word has spread about how easy it is to learn Hindi with this program. A bunch of students from India have even come here in order to learn Hindi because they heard it was easy with this software.

One day

I was typing an email to my grandmother when a word stopped me from hitting the send button.

“I’m sorry Grandma, we don’t have those words in Hindi yet.”

My grandma smiled and said “Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.”

I stayed up the following night learning some new Hindi terminology so I can teach her back. Now she teaches me what life was like in India during the 1940’s.

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