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How to Create and Edit Podcast Transcription, Improve SEO, and Expand Your Audience with Transcription

Podcast transcription are an excellent method to make your audio material work harder for you while also providing marketing possibilities to expand your audience. First and foremost, they improve your content’s accessibility, which should always be a priority. Sharing a written version of your podcast, on the other hand, has a lot more benefits.



Why should you get your podcast Transcription?

Provide social media options


On social media, an audio file won’t go you very far. The days of a simple link piquing someone’s interest while browsing through their feed are long gone.

On social media, transcription, which results in captions, offers numerous possibilities, allowing you to produce eye-catching and engaging posts, such as:

  • Quote visuals based on your show’s most significant or amusing moments.
  • Infographics are a highly shareable form of content that is far easier to create while examining your audio transcript than it is to re-listen and pick out quotations.


Improving Accessibility


Podcast transcriptions are necessary for people with impairments to be able to listen to your material. Transcripts are also incredibly useful for listeners who speak or are studying more than one language. Transcripts have been demonstrated to improve comprehension and memory in a variety of situations.


Make a database of your content that can be searched.


You may be just getting started with podcasting or have been doing it for a while, but you will ultimately have hundreds of hours of audio content that are difficult to search and impossible to scan (we learned that from search engines!).


You’ll have a highly searchable database of your material if you transcribe your podcast transcriptions and distribute it or save it for your personal use.


If you need to rapidly retrieve information from an old episode or wish to refer to a prior episode in a new program, this database can help.


Increase your organic traffic and SEO.


Because search engines are unable to interpret and index audio files, your material will not surface in search results, even if it is very relevant.


Podcast transcriptions are an excellent method to provide information for search engines to index. Moz, one of the most well-known brands in SEO, discovered that adding transcripts to the Davis Phinney Foundation’s website resulted in a 15% boost in organic traffic and a 50% keyword lift around some of the keywords they were tracking in just three months.


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What are the many ways to podcast Transcription? 




Unlimited Podcast transcriptions is included in all Headliner memberships (Basic and Pro), while the Forever Free tier offers 10 minutes per month. We now utilize Google’s transcribing software, which we feel is the finest in the industry. We find that Headliner transcripts are 70-95 percent accurate, depending on audio quality, accents, and other variables beyond our control.





For a slightly higher fee, human transcribing services are also offered. They can either edit and format automated Podcast transcriptions or transcribe the original audio file from scratch.

The cost of transcription services varies based on the number of speakers, the duration of the audio, and any variables that may degrade the audio, such as background noise, accents, or poor audio quality.




You might wish to do it yourself at times. Although creating podcast transcripts by hand is time-consuming, it allows you to thoroughly evaluate your episode. You may also edit and format your transcript as it’s being created, rather than afterward. To save time, we recommend utilizing Headliner (or a similar auto transcribing program) to produce a baseline Podcast transcription.


Subscriptions or other software


Check your existing subscriptions, especially your hosting platform, which may have their own or maybe a Headliner partner and included with your service, before attempting to create podcast transcripts.


What is the best way to modify your podcast Transcription?


Although there are many different podcast formats, there are several things that may be added to your transcript to make it more helpful to the listener.

You’ll develop a transcript-style guide that works for you and your show over time. While you’re revising and correcting your Podcast transcription, keep the following in mind:

transcription based podcast editor 01 transcription



An introduction is your chance to grab the reader’s attention and provide some context for what they’re going to read. If you have a visitor, you should introduce them; if you’re talking about a certain issue or event, you should provide some background information (without giving too much away).




It’s critical to identify who’s speaking in podcast formats with numerous voices. Your Podcast transcription would be exceedingly difficult to understand without these additions.

Whether you have several hosts, live interviews, or recordings of telephone calls, it’s critical to provide the reader with information about who is speaking.




Adding links (both internal and external) increases the value of your material to your users, improves SEO, and encourages others to link to your site.


In your Podcast transcription, you should also offer links to alternatives for listening to your podcast episode. While people may have come to your transcript particularly to read the information, they may not have realized there is an audio version. They might even decide that they’d like to listen to the episode since they’re enjoying reading it.


How to improve the SEO of podcast Transcription? 


Creating transcripts for your podcast to be SEO-friendly, you must borrow rules from other parts of your website and regularly execute many of the points we’ve mentioned.



Headings and Subheading


In the technical writing aspect of SEO, sub-headings are important. We all know that search engines prioritize headers. Additionally, using headers and sub-headings improves the scalability of your content.


While a Podcast transcription won’t have as many subheads as a blog post, your recording will almost certainly have apparent breaks. These may be during commercial breaks or transitions from one topic or guest to the next, in which case a sub-heading would be useful. Consider them mile markers on a road trip—they’re a good sign of progress and a point of reference for where you are on your journey.




Internal and external links enable the reader to learn more and go deeper into a subject. They also demonstrate that you can back up your material with your own or other people’s research, which establishes credibility.


What kind of content might you make with your podcast Transcription?


Your podcast episodes take hours to create, from research and scripting to recording and editing. You should repurpose the material and make it work harder for you to get the most bang for your money.


Improve a Website That Is Already Up And Running


Perhaps you began out as a blogger or have a business website, and your podcast is a recent addition to your content mix. Retroactively sprinkling your podcast content around your website is a wonderful approach to keep it valuable.


Audiograms can be useful in this situation since they add more visual appeal than a simple audio embed.



Audiograms are a type of communication that uses sound to (Our Personal Favorite)


We like to think of video as a powerful tool for promoting your audio content here at Headliner. However, there’s no disputing that video is the most effective and entertaining form of Podcast transcription promotion.


Audiograms (or waveform videos) may be used to advertise your podcast across all social media channels. Create a video trailer or teaser for your episode using a particularly emotional or humorous snippet from your program.



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