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Zignal Labs Provides AI-based NLP Impact Intelligence Platform?

Lexalytics®, a leader in machine learning “word first” and artificial intelligence, announced today that Zignal Labs, creator of the Impact Intelligence platform for real-time scaling, has chosen Lexalytics to expand its native language (NLP) processing and text. analytics skills to help advertisers, contacts and analysts gain more insight […]

Amherst, MA, August 5, 2020 – Lexalytics®, a leader in machine learning “first name” and artificial intelligence, announced today that Zignal Labs, creator of the Impact Intelligence platform for measuring visual acuity in real time, has chosen Lexalytics to expand . NLP language analysis and textual analysis skills to help advertisers, communicators and analysts gain greater insight into ideas across the traditional and social arena.

Zignal Labs has integrated Lexalytics’s Salience ™ engine to analyze media in real-time, across a wide range of industries, including financial services, technology, health care, consumer products, sports, entertainment and more. With Lexalytics, Zignal customers can understand what people are saying about current products, services or events, classify discussions into different groups and themes, and explore the sentiments of media coverage in multiple languages.

“With so many home-based people, and the proliferation of online discussions caused by the COVID-19 disaster and the social justice movement, we have seen an explosion of content analyzing our clients in all parts of the world. and we need to expand our NLP skills in international languages, ”said Jonathan Dodson, CTO of Zignal Labs. “We have chosen Lexalytics because of all the market leaders we have tested, they have the best combination of accuracy and performance, a wide range of foreign language skills, scale and price, and local solution, which provides high accuracy and features while keeping data processing costs low.”

“We are very pleased that Zignal Labs has selected Lexalytics to handle the natural language processing of the Impact Intelligence Platform,” said Jeff Catlin, CEO of Lexalytics. “In these uncertain times, it is even more important for companies to have a clear understanding of how their products and campaigns are reflected in the market over time, and Zignal offers one of the best platforms to do just that.”

Zignal Labs updates data on the monthly analysis of billions of documents by some of the world’s largest companies in the fields of finance, health, pharmacy, technology, energy and the public sector. Widely known as a leader in reducing informal information / information, the company forum is divided into a combination of automatic availability, public listening and media monitoring skills.




About Zignal Lab

Zignal’s Impact Intelligence Forum measures the emergence of a real-time perspective, and identifies topics, networks and people who can create it. AI and machine learning, Zignal mining communications, traditional and symbolic communications are used to change beliefs. With Impact Intelligence, advertisers, communicators, and information technicians conduct more powerful campaigns, products and information, and analysts identify threats before they fully emerge. Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in New York City and Washington DC, Zignal serves clients worldwide, including Expedia, BASF, Synchrony, Prudential, ExxonMobil, The Public Goods Project and Uber. To learn more, visit: www.zignallabs.com.

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About Lexalytics® information

Lexalytics processes billions of words every day, worldwide, in data analysis companies and business data analysis teams that need to tell powerful stories from text data. The company’s products Salience®, Semantria® and Lexalytics Intelligence Platform hlanganisa integrate natural language processing and artificial intelligence to translate text into all its forms into usable data. Lexalytics solutions can be deployed in buildings, clouds or within mixed cloud infrastructure to reveal rich content patterns and details of customer voice, employee voice, customer experience management, market research, public listening, news monitoring and other business intelligence systems. . For more information, please visit www.lexalytics.com, email sales (at) lealyalytics (dot) com or call 1-617-249-1049. Follow Lexalytics on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.



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