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Importance of Learning Best Hindi | हिंदी सीखने का महत्व

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If you have been considering learning a new language like hindi, you already know there are many choices to make. You need to decide on which language to learn and will it even be useful for you in the future. You can make a list of all the languages you want to learn and then prioritize them according to your requirements.

As an Indian, the language that we first suggest is Hindi. Hindi is a very important language to know in India and we are here to tell you why. In this article, we will be discussing the importance of learning Hindi. From children to adults, everyone takes up a second language at some point in their life. With the ongoing situation, you could have not found a better time to learn a new language. As far as Hindi is concerned, let us see the benefits of Learning Hindi.

Importance of Learning Hindi

Hindi is very prevalent in South-East Asia. Learning a new language has many benefits in all aspects of life. Be it a student, a professional or even a retired person, knowledge of multiple languages always help. It broadens your travel and culture horizons. Well, this is just one advantage. Keep this in mind, you may want to know the importance of learning Hindi. So, without any more time, let us quickly check the importance of learning Hindi.

1. It is one of the widely spoken languages in the world

The Hindi language is spoken by more than 260 million people across the world as a native language. In addition to this, around 120 million people use Hindi as a second language. Due to this vast number of speakers across the world, Hindi is the fourth most spoken language in the world after English, Chinese and Spanish.

So, you know if you learn Hindi you will have plenty of people to interact with in different parts of the country and also the world. Besides, Hindi is the most common language spoken across India. This makes it one of the most important languages of South East Asia.

2. Hindi is similar to Urdu

If you are looking to learn a language which provides maximum value, Hindi should definitely be one of your choices. Once you have learnt Hindi, you can naturally also speak Urdu and other languages. These languages share certain features to a point including vocabulary and grammar. Urdu is a recognized language in India and has over 200 million speakers across the world. In India, there are almost 50 million native speakers of Urdu. Though a Hindi speaker won’t be completely fluent in Urdu, the communication won’t see any barrier. The only wall would be writing as both the languages are written in different scripts.

3. Useful in business

India is a booming economy and every country is expanding trade in India. Many companies are also finding a home to their offices in India. As such, anyone who is looking to do business in India would perform well by adding Hindi to their repertoire. As Hindi is a very crucial language in India, it helps businessmen in doing business in India. This is one of the main importance of learning Hindi for businesses and companies.

4. Hindi is a phonetic language

Hindi is a phonetic language, unlike languages like Hindi. This means that Hindi words are written exactly how they are pronounced. This makes learning Hindi easier. You only have to learn how each letter sounds. Just by learning the Hindi alphabets, you can read and spell any word you come across. This is an advantage as it makes picking up new words easier. It also helps to develop your vocabulary. There are no rules in Hindi like silent letters. So there is a very slim chance of you going wrong with words.

5. Broadens understanding of the Indian culture

There is more to a country than its entertainment industry and culture is no such exception. Learning Hindi can give you an amazing insight into India’s culture. This can happen through its films, literature, art or music. There are various songs and books that can take you through India’s rich heritage and culture. The art in India is so rich, anyone who understands Hindi can dive deep into the understanding of Indian culture.

6. One can enjoy Bollywood

Though not one of the importance of learning Hindi, everyone fancies Bollywood. It is a huge resource for anyone who wants to learn Hindi as well. Bollywood surpasses all the film industries in the world, even Hollywood. It accounts for 40% of net Indian box office revenue. Watching these Hindi movies can help gain insight into the culture of India. Once you learn Hindi, you will be able to enjoy Bollywood so much better as you will not only understand the traditions and culture shown but also the plots. With so many Bollywood films to choose from, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a film you love!

7. Hindi helps when travelling

If you are travelling to any part of India, it is really worthwhile to learn Hindi. You can think knowing English will help, but that’s not always true. Depending on the place you travel, not everyone may be proficient in English. Even though it is not widely spoken in the southern region of India, people will still pick up words you speak and try to help you. To make sure you can get along with Hindi speakers, learning Hindi can be very beneficial.

8. There are many familiar words for English speakers in Hindi

When you are learning a new language, it always helps when you know some terms of vocabulary or grammar that are easy to recognize. This makes you believe that the language is easy to learn. Although there are many aspects of Hindi that will be unfamiliar to English speakers like the use of gender. But, many English speakers will be familiar with many Hindi words. Some of these are

  • Hospital
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Cricket
  • Jungle
  • Karma
  • Bungalow
  • Guru

Knowing that there are many words you already know, the journey of learning Hindi will be fun. This is one of the many great benefits of learning Hindi.

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9. Hindi helps to learn other languages

Apart from Urdu, Hindi also helps you learn many other languages. The list of languages is vast. Some of the most prominent languages are Sanskrit, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Marwari, etc. Though these aren’t as close as Urdu to Hindi, there are still many similarities. These similarities can be found either in the written language or the spoken language, or sometimes both. Also, learning these languages would be faster when you already know Hindi.

10. Learning a new language can benefit your brain

There is much Importance of Learning Hindi. Many studies suggest that being bilingual helps improve multitasking, improves your listening and hearing skills and also makes your memory better. So, regardless of that language, you are learning, a new language is always beneficial to your brain.

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