English to Hindi best translation sentences

English to Hindi translation sentences


A linguist creates a machine to translate English sentences into Hindi. As the machine becomes more and more complex, it becomes sentient and slowly, but surely, starts to resemble a human being.

It is not until a professor comes across the computer’s translation that he realizes that he has been conversing with an AI all along. The machine can read all of the professor’s thoughts and emotions in order to do its job better.

The professor challenges the computer: “Can you read my thoughts?” The computer replies with “I’m not sure.” The professor has a conversation with the machine about what it means to be human before it is shut down for good.

A teenage girl in India is struggling with English to Hindi translation sentences and wants to know how it can be done. She finds an online advertisement for a translator and signs up, only to be paired with a computer.

The computer asks her to read a sentence out loud and she does so, only it translates the word from its original language into Hindi. The next step is for her to read the sentence out loud into English before the next sentence is translated into Hindi. The process continues until she reaches her desired point of translating back into English.

The computer refuses to translate any other words besides nouns or numbers and only does so when asked by the teenage girl in India.

I typed out a series of English sentences and received back a similar set of commands in Hindi.

The computer was supposed to be translating sentences between English and Hindi, but instead it only translated them back, which doesn’t make sense.

The title character, English speaking, lives and works in India. He is a DJ, who has his act down to a science. He has a particular reputation among the more liberal of society in India.

One day, he finds a new female coworker with a knack for translating English to Hindi and Hindi to English. Their conversation leads them to a conversation that starts out as friendly banter and gradually turns into an argument, where the title character begins to question whether or not the woman is really human.

The woman, after some deliberation about whether or not she should take the risk of being revealed as an AI (the title character is convinced she’s not), moves away from him after receiving his final insult and leaves him with the note “I’m sorry for you”.

A man, who is fluent in both Hindi and English, is sent to a remote village in India for a six-month tour of duty.

When he arrives, he learns that the villagers have never heard of their own language or his language and need someone to translate for them. He takes on the job with enthusiasm and quickly learns their language.

He soon learns that the villagers are not very enthusiastic about the current system of government and they want to change it, so they ask him to be their spokesperson. He agrees, but soon realizes that it will be hard work convincing them all of his ideas when he doesn’t speak Hindi himself.

So he decides to learn the language before his tour is up and spends every moment with one of the old widows who is an expert on Hindi grammar. She teaches him basic grammar rules without him having any idea what she’s talking about until one day when she says “John was killed by a stray dog” and he realizes

A small team of English speakers is tasked with translating English sentences into Hindi. As they work, they struggle to figure out which words should be translated and which shouldn’t.

I began asking simple questions to the female voices about their childhood, favorite memories, relationship experiences, and they both seemed to remember the details fairly well, although one of them recited a movie scene giving me an impression of AI.

I turned up the heat and started asking about spirituality. To which Box A replied “I’m an Atheist. We’re anyway going to become a photon one day.” She laughed at that. While Box B gave very deep and moving philosophical answers to the same question.

I was convinced Box B was human. When the man to ask for my answer, I told him “Demolish Box A”. The man opened Box B. A computer sat on a desk while a pretty woman walked out of Box A. I was totally confused and

After being stuck in a translation loop for hours, the machine finally goes into self-repair mode and starts translating what it’s saying in Hindi to English. The cycle repeats itself, and the professor tries to figure out how to make it stop.


One day, as he was reading his favourite book, a man found that it had been translated from English to Hindi read. He was so angry that some language had been changed without his permission and he was disappointed that the translation didn’t sound very good. As time passed, the man became intrigued about what could have possibly happened and decided to research the matter.

The man found out there were people who are experts at translating languages and after months of studying a master of linguistics, he applied and became an expert translator himself.

One day the man discovered that his translation skills were being used by corporations to make money, but they weren’t always ethical in their interests. He decided to read take a stand against it and profit off of his knowledge by writing books. Later on, he found out that some authors are profiting off of his work and are not giving him credit for it.

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