Transcripts With Evernote

 Transcripts With Evernote

Transcripts With Evernote have a robust integration that allows you to send recordings directly to Evernote, while processing payment and transaction requirements via Transcribe Me.


This tutorial will guide you through the process of linking your Evernote account with Transcribe Me, in order to submit a subscription order. If you have any questions about the process, please write to us at support in below.


  1. Visit this website and Evernote subscription page here. Enter the email address you would like to use to Transcribe Me in the open and click “Register”. Once you have subscribed with Transcribe Me, use the same email address.



If this is your first time signing up with Transcribe Me, enter the desired password and click “Register”. Once you have registered with Transcribe Me, enter the correct password and click “Log On”.



Once the page is updated, click on the orange “Go to Evernote!” button.


Transcripts With Evernote



You will be taken to the Evernote login page. Signing in to Evernote will link your accounts.



  1. Once Transcribe Me and Evernote are connected, order transcripts from Evernote by following one of three procedures:


Marking your notes with a pre-set “Transcribe Me” in Evernote. To do this, first select the note you would like to write, then click the tag icon (see below), then write “Transcribe Me” in the open field that appears.




Drag your audio notes to Transcribe Me Notebook in Evernote. Just click on any of your Notebooks, find the note you’d like to have written in, and drag to the Transcribe Me notebook to the left of the screen.




Creating an audio note directly within Transcribe Me Notebook. To do this, first click the Transcribe Me notebook in the left column, and then click the gray icon that reads “+ New Note.”

  1. After submitting your notes for recording, you will receive an email from Transcribe Me entitled “Payment details required for your transaction order.” Follow the link in the email to be directed to the Payment Details page.


  1. By default,
    your recording will be sent as a pre-recorded US English with 2-3 speakers, while providing our standard product, for the recording of Clean Verbatim (to learn more about our writing styles, click here).


If your requirements do not match these standard offers, please click “Back” before entering your Credit Card Information. If your current recording requirements match our default recording product, please skip step 6.Transcripts With Evernote


  1. On the Order Details page, you can change your order options by clicking the “change” icons on the right of each category. After making the appropriate choice, click “Continue.”


  1. This will take you back to the Payment Details page where you enter your Credit Card Information.


If you will always be sending orders with the same file details (languages, idioms, font, speaker number, etc.) via Evernote, please check the box “Automatically charge my credit card for future orders”. Doing so will automatically move your files and charge your credit card when sending via Evernote. We will send you a receipt after each order is shipped.


If you intend to submit future orders with different file details (e.g. some files may have different tags), please select “Save my payment information and credit card information for future orders”. Selecting this option will save your credit card information and email you notification to confirm your order with to Transcribe Me Customer Portal. On this Order Verification page, you will also find the option “Edit Order Details”.

Transcripts With Evernote

NOTE: If you do not select any of these checkboxes, you will receive the same “payment required for your writing order”


  1. This will take you to our Order Verification page where you can verify all details. Click “Pay and Confirm Order,” and you’re ready!
8.You will receive an email receipt from Transcribe Me entitled “Your writing order has been approved” confirming that your order is in progress.
  1. Once your writing is complete, you will receive an email from Transcribe Me entitled “Transcript found in Evernote.”


  1. When you go back to Evernote, select the Notebook you used to deliver your order. Your transcript will appear as a new note.


We hope this app is informative and useful for you. If you have feedback, or need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at  for reading!


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