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Which is best data labeling platform is recommended (what are the data labeling platforms)

Data labeling is the cornerstone of the artificial intelligence industry. The mainstream training mode of artificial intelligence is “question-sea tactics”, let artificial intelligence do enough questions, and then use the answers to tell it right or wrong. Therefore, machine learning needs to be supported by a large amount of effective data, and these data need to be analyzed and processed by annotators. If you want to get accurate data, you need to use more mature annotation tools, and the data annotation platform came into being. . So, which data labeling platform is recommended?

AI data labeling

Which data labeling platform is recommended?

Jinglianwen Technology is a high-tech enterprise and AI basic data service enterprise with scientific research background and technology development-oriented. Provide AI data collection, data labeling, data set products, true and false fingerprint collection and fingerprint anti-counterfeiting algorithm services for thousands of artificial intelligence companies and university scientific research institutions around the world, and has accumulated rich experience in data service projects. Accuracy and security have been further improved.


JLW data labeling platform has a real-time quantitative visual management system, which integrates data management, project management, personnel management and other functions; it can realize functions such as semi-automatic auxiliary labeling, AI algorithm preprocessing and automatic quality inspection.

The Jinglianwen labeling platform supports computer vision (drawing frame labeling, semantic segmentation, 3D point cloud labeling, 2D/3D fusion labeling, key point labeling, line labeling, target tracking, image classification, etc.), voice engineering (voice cutting, voice emotion) Judgment, ASR voice transcription, voiceprint recognition labeling, etc.), natural language processing (OCR transcription, text information extraction, NLU sentence generalization) multi-type data labeling.

In addition, the platform also provides complete voice, image, text, and video data processing capabilities in all fields, covering data in specific application fields such as smart driving, smart city, smart home, smart finance, smart education, smart security, and new retail. Collection and data labeling services meet the needs of various data labeling services in different application scenarios.



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