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Best Audio to Text: How to Get Your Podcast Written in 2024

Audio to Text: How to Get Your Podcast Written

Podcasts Text are more popular than ever a few years ago. From audio games to
interviews, people listen to anything and everything under the sun. Statistics
show that about 24% of US people listen to podcasts every week. If you are
the creator and producer of a podcast, it means that the earth is your oyster.
Podcast recording is the word-for-word conversion of your audio file into text
format. You may not be able to publish your podcast transcripts to existing
podcast catalogs such as Google Play, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.
you can easily publish them on your podcast website or free blog sites.
No matter how amazing your content, other than the content, it will not reach
the intended audience. An unregistered podcast has no accessibility and

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Here’s Why You Need Podcast Writing:

1. Accessible – Written texts make your podcast accessible to a wider
audience. Those with a hearing impairment or non-native speakers can access
your podcast by writing.
2. Improve SEO – Articles will improve your podcast traffic with SEO.
Appropriate keywords will help people access your podcast easily, and if your
content is inclusive, they will definitely always be around for more.
3. Redirect Objective – The text may be reused by social media posts,
email marketing campaigns, or blog articles.
4. Backlink Opportunities- Your readers and followers will have
more to explore with your written podcasts. As a content creator, start
publishing articles for more backlinks.
Now that you have mastered the benefits of podcast writing, let’s talk about
ways to make podcast writing.

Ways to Write a Podcast for Yourself Text

Maybe a cheaper, homemade choice or DIY is a great way to write your own
podcast. If you are interested in writing, all you need is a word processor and
an audio player. Google Voice Docs Documents and a few podcast apps are
available online that can help.

DIY how to write:

• Use appropriate punctuation marks and check for errors as this software
provides multiple pages of text without punctuation.
• Divide their notes into smaller sections so that they can read and understand
them better if the visitor gives longer answers.
• Remove any vowel sounds such as “hmm” or “umm” or “oh” and other fill
• Try to keep the notes accurate and precise.
• Add time stamps to your podcast writing for your readers.
• Formulate podcast writing as a blog for better search results.
• Check the accuracy of voice typing applications.
• Try to use closed YouTube captions for YouTube-based audiences.
• Read transcript and actual words to ensure that the transcript is accurate in
meaning and context.
If you wish to write podcasts yourself, keep in mind that traditional methods
can take a lot of your time. So, if you are not on a tight budget, and want to
focus only on creating and producing content, the best option is to opt out of
podcast subscriptions.

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Outsourcing Podcast Transcription

There are two ways to get your podcast written through:
1. Human writing
2. Automatic typing
Creating Podcast Documents With the Help of Practical Wisdom
During a quick transition, using automated typing and speech-to-text
software for your podcast can be of great benefit.
You can choose from free apps for free automatic writing, but the downside
is that they come with limited features. There are paid writing software
services, but their cost depends on the services they provide with annual
subscription packages.
Using AI or automated transcripts is a great way to add transcripts to your

Human Transcriptionists for Podcast Transcription

If you want accuracy, then personal writing is perfect for your podcast writing.
Human writers can understand the context of your podcast better than
machine or software.
Human transcriptionists have a better understanding of vernacular symbols
and languages. They have the ability and knowledge to adapt to a new
vocabulary or dialect.
They are skilled enough to understand homophones
(the same sound words have different meanings), a machine that can do it.
Human writers have the necessary knowledge and expertise in a particular
field-specific jargon, which can be useful in writing specific sector-related
The transcriber will also travel that information to check any vague
The human writer will make sure that you leave out any background sounds,
complementary words, or side expressions and provide flawless texts.
If you
want perfection, many reliable and professional service providers will provide
you with the most accurate and fast-tracking documentation.
Personal or default, choose the best podcast writing service that works best
for you.

How to Make Your Podcast Articles

Available to Your Audience
Your podcast content is ready, but where should you make it available for
maximum access? Let’s take a look.
• Make your written podcast available on each episode page. Post it directly
under the audio player or show notes tab.
• Combine everything related to that podcast piece, making it easy for search
engines to identify each episode, which improves search visibility.
• Make your podcast text available to your readers and listeners by allowing it
to be downloaded. However, this method is by no means productive when it
comes to good search results or backlinks.
• Allow your podcast customers access to read all the transcripts of your
podcast episode on your website’s transcript collection page.
• If you do not have a website, many blog sites help you to post your podcast
articles for free. If you do not have a website, post your podcast articles for
free on blog sites that allow you to do so.


To increase your podcast access, writing is the way to go. You need to provide multiple ways for your
audience to use your content, and podcast writing gives you the ability to do so, with additional
Writing a podcast makes your show more accessible to a wider audience, adds more value to all your
episodes, and makes it easier for backlink linking purposes.
You can use automated writing for low cost or arrange to invest in a reliable professional writing
service provider to get accurate written documents.
Create and publish your podcast using the appropriate writing tools and you will be ready to
conquer the vast, growing world of podcasts!
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