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A woman I follow is teaching English and Hindi translation for the same class. She is a very good teacher and has a pleasant personality, but poor communication skills. She has rarely used proper pronouns or asked students to be in the “present” position when asking them questions.

The next day I asked her to translate a short story into English for me for the class. As she started translating the story line at first, I noticed that she would prefer to use a singular pronoun (the singular instead of the plural) rather than using “he” or “she”. When I asked her if she couldn’t change her language to both Hindi and English, she said her plan was to learn both languages in-between.

When we came up with translation, it was in reference to both genders correctly but with neologisms like “wannabes” and “tacos” and such. There was one sentence that required a subjunctive mood change even

I was surprised to see how little knowledge I had in the English language. I questioned these two and they were able to argue over a box they were holding.

I was convinced in Box A and asked them, who are you? You’re not human otherwise one day, you’ll be demolished.

“We don’t remember nothing about ourselves. We’re all about the same.

“We couldn’t choose, so we’re all together. We are all the same.”

“You are alive because of our existence.”

The woman from Box B went deeper into the dream and that time Box B replied with more depth than Box A and said that she was in her apartment sleeping watching TV when she was abducted by aliens who had converted her to their religion where she preached and forced her to use stone instead of plastic for their energy source and also forced her to go around taking pictures of themselves on Christmas and Easter holidays including church buildings as proof of Jesus’ existence. They would be

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I was on a plane while English to Hindi translation was being offered by the radio. I hadn’t heard it when the pilot announced, “Any queries please go to the voice recognition software in the back of the plane” and pointed to a woman in business class. She looked at me and asked, “Excuse me sir, do you understand us speaking different languages?”

I looked at her and said, “No”. She started speaking. I tried to translate but it sounded like gibberish.

She then said, “Can you tell me what we need to do?” I asked her what she meant and she said it sounded like we needed to eat another meal.” I asked where we were going and she said that it sounds like that’s our destination.” I told her we had no way of knowing where it was or what was our destination so we should probably stay there.

After landing at Hyderabad airport, I went up to the lady service counter where they spoke

A Professor has a projector and goes to the library to translate as many different languages as possible. He names his computer ‘Slack’ and after some time he discovers that there’s a new language which is called ‘Hindi’.

In another language there’s another word for ‘slack’ but a translation of the name is not possible. The Professor simply calls it ‘Slack’ for now, until he realises he’s been tricked. He has translated himself into a computer and been tricked into believing his constant dialogue with himself was Slink: A computer. This is especially frustrating when the translator refuses to be broken down to words by the AI and then comes back with some other words, i.e: “He’ll never be my friend”, “He’ll never understand me”, etc…

An English professor, whose career began in Hindi, and a Hindi professor, who first taught English at a school in India. In the modern era, we have begun to translate English-Hindi dictionary words into Japanese. So that it can be understood easily by Japanese people, they decided to set up two translators.

The first translator was hired as a regular employee of the company and the second was a researcher. All their work was on paper only and never spoken aloud. When the advertisements were published in the company newsletter, there were multiple misspellings of some words and it was not clear any of them should be translated or not. That is how this story came about.

In the story, a professor is conducting an experiment with two boxes. The boxes contain people of different cultures and their responses to the same question are different. In order to do a translation, he asks his student to look at information on both side of the box.

He says: “Let’s say there are 25 languages in this world in which I have become proficient. Each language is represented by a word in a dictionary and each word has several meanings. In your language box A you see the word ‘lunch’. In BOX B you see words like ‘breakfast’, ‘tea’ and ‘bite’. We should make the judgement based on our own knowledge of those terms.”


Plot: A young boy gets taught that he has been reincarnated as a hamster…and that he has been sent back to help free one of his friends from slavery. However, he must learn that everything is not as it seems when one gets involved with the slave owner

A young English-speaking businesswoman and her husband, a resident of India, are traveling to Nepal to make new business contacts. The lesson they are following is not the course they have been taught to make money in business. The couple find themselves facing the same problem as they don’t understand Nepali social customs, practices in business and culture. What do they do? Should they pack up their gear and leave Nepal?

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My English teacher is a terrible teacher. She only teaches English grammar and her existing vocabulary counts for so much. Whenever I want to understand a word, I google it on the internet and take my lunch break just to look it up in the dictionary. Sometimes she does this with simple words like “practice”, “play”, “game” or “pitch”. One day, she asked me why I wanted a homework assignment in hindi. It wasn’t that hard as what other foreign students do!

I stopped her right away and told her that my life goal was to be able to read and write in hindi. She was appalled and threatened me with having no chances of ever stepping into an English department at any college if this was the case.

A few days later I picked up my algebra book from my desk and saw that it now said hindi instead of English on top of its pages so that I can read it properly. The next morning after class, she

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