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Irresistible What Do You Mean By human -ln-Loop Machine Learning

 What Do You Mean By human -in-loop Machine Learning

Human -In-Loop Machine Learning

What is Human – In – Loop Machine learning ?

Human in loop machine learning is a sub branch of artificial intelligence that allows humans and machines to create a machine learning model. As we all know that this is a technological area in which humans and machines need to work together as a team so as to develop new approaches in the field of Technology and artificial intelligence the human in loop machine learning approaches allow machine learning to strengthen and produce best outcomes which in turn will benefit the humans.

Process involved in Human – In – Loop machine learning :

 the process involved in in human in machine learning is as follows :

  1. The process starts with labelling of data. It gives the machine learning model high quality training data and after that an algorithm that is specially written for machine learning Learns how to make decisions from this data.
  2. The next step is tuning of the model by the humans, now it can be done by several methods but usually it is done by scoring of data for overfitting so as to teach a classifier about the edge cases and also about the new categories that are in the preview of the model.
  3. In the and humans test and validate the model but the process of scoring of outputs in places with the algorithm is quiet and confident about a judgement order decision made by it and this is how human in loop machine learning for Artificial Intelligence is trained.

Note : –

Now that you have learnt how this process takes place, one important thing is to be noted that each and every should have a a continuous feedback loop as it is very important to take feedback of each and every step so as to maintain accuracy and precision, at also helps to decrease the work burden at the end of the work. Human in loop machine learning also means to take each and every of the training and testing tasks as well as feeding them into the machine learning algorithm to make it more smarter and confident, it varies from time and place as there are several methods of doing it.

Questions Related To Human – In – Loop machine Learning

How to combine machines as well as humans to make AI ?

The answer to this question is very simple, human-in-loop in machine learning is the best way to combine machine intelligence as well as human intelligence. Like humans, machines are also very good in making smart decisions with the help of good training data embedded in the form of data sets; however humans are much better in the formation of decisions also with the less information required. For example, a machine needsTo perform a lot of steps so as to determine what kind of image it is but with the case of humans we do not have to do much thinking about it we just have to look up at the image and then we immediately get to know what kind of image it is like in image identification software vlookup to many thanks while identifying and differentiating a cat in an image while humans can easily do that by just looking at the picture and so combining the intelligence of both humans and machines is the best way to make artificial intelligence.

When should we use the human in loop machine learning process ?

We should use human in loop in machine learning in two cases :

  • For training purposes : Yes we can use human in loop for training purposes as we have talked about humans providing labelled data for the machine learning model training and this is one of the most common places that data scientists use human in loop machine learning approach.
  • For testing and tuning purposes : For higher accuracy of the machine learning model humans can also use human in loop for testing and tuning of the machine learning model, it is very effective in the cases where your model is unconfident about a certain set of decisions and is not sure which one to pick and so so it can be used for this purpose also. 



Tell the difference between active learning and human in loop :

Active learning is a process in which humans handle low conference units and feed those units that are back into the model whereas human in loop is a broader concept in which creation of data sets with the help of human labelling is done, human in loop is a more advanced form of the active learning process.

Who can use human inloop machine learning algorithms ?

Human in loop machine learning can be used in artificial intelligence projects and clouds natural language processing, computer, trance as well as sentiment analysis. It can also be used in the deep learning processes at some point.

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