The future and searchable videos

The future and searchable videos

At NPR this morning, Shad’s Farad Banjo is looking at the future of technology, pondering what searchable videos might be for the future. Well, they should have looked at the 24 × 7 offshoring website, because the future is right there!

During the discussion, “Looking to the Future of Technology,” they discussed the content of the videos and how they can help us write down our lives. We videotape everything from meetings and conferences to personal memories, such as a fun trip, children’s games, or anything else. Thanks to this growing collection of content, people want to watch certain videos without filtering out a lot of content. Additionally, we do not always design our videos for something we can easily remember. So how can we make videos more affordable and timely? The answer is simple: find out they are written.


With the many inexpensive recording options, you can easily edit your video content and find it at the click of a button or simply by typing certain keywords. We also offer SRT formatting, which integrates easily with YouTube to allow you to write captions for your videos directly on the site, as well as to provide video text; thus making your videos searchable even on the web.


If you would like to record your video files, check out our video recording page, email us your YouTube links, or log in to our customer portal to get started. If you like SRT, please contact us directly. Thanks again as usual, we welcome your comment below!

Ways to rank high on YouTube search resultsThe future and searchable videos


social media – Do you want more people to see your YouTube videos?


Have you prepared your videos for search?


If people don’t find you, they can’t watch your videos or subscribe to your channel, which hurts your search quality.


In this article you will find four ways to make your videos top in YouTube search.


Why is YouTube Search Important?

Every minute, 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. The site receives up to 30 million visitors each day. If you want to find a video, your first destination may be YouTube.


In addition to being a major online video resource, YouTube is also the second-largest search engine (after parent company, Google).


If you do not have access to the traffic and advertising provided by YouTube, you can quickly scan up YouTube’s search results. But I can’t lie: the competition is fierce. There are millions of high quality, well-organized videos with well-designed SEO.


Popular YouTube video

Standard videos get extra clicks and views.


Like Google, YouTube uses rating features to determine which videos end up on each page of search results (SERP). YouTube looks at the number of views of your video, how long users have been watching it and how many positive ratings they have.


On a positive note, they also drop the number of channel subscribers, how often your video appears in the user’s playlist, how often it is heard in the favorites list or in the playlist and how often it is embedded in a website.


To get the high number of YouTube demands, you need to improve your content so people can click and push Play. And I’m not just talking about the content of your video. The key here is your keywords, title, description and tags.


There are many things to consider when trying to find your YouTube channel on the first YouTube search page. But hey, now that you know what they want, you can give it to them.


Below are four ways to customize your YouTube videos for Prime Time in the future and searchable videos

# 1: Choose Strong Keywords

You know how important keywords are. Choosing the right keywords can be the difference between high visibility and the fifth page of the SERPs (and you know no one gets all the way to page five).

Ways to rank high on YouTube search results


While YouTube can do many things, it can’t search for content in your video to find keywords, so you have to add them yourself. If you need help choosing the best keywords, use the YouTube Keywords Tool to find out which ones are less competitive.


Your keywords help YouTube determine if your content is relevant, and help your audience know what your video is about. Be sure to include them in your title, description, and tag.


As a general rule, use at least 10 tags that include video category, video content, shooting location, and anyone else’s video names.The future and searchable videos


# 2: Enter Keywords in Your Subject

Your title should tell viewers what to expect from your video. That can be harder than it sounds.


Is your title too long? People lose interest and ignore you. Is your title too short? People do not know what they want and do not care.


Ideally, your title should be about 120 characters long — enough to tell people what they are watching, but not so much that they are ignoring you.


For example, a video titled My Cat will not attract the attention of users because it is not interesting. (I mean how many cat videos have you seen in your life

A title with a more detailed description of your video content — My Cat is Trying to Eat the Shield — encourages users to click and watch. The topics above are examples of good, clear topics.


As you create your theme, add a keyword first, especially if you are doing a series. For example: “Healthy Cakes: Gluten-Free Bananas Foster,” “Healthy Cakes: Cinnamon-free Cinnamon,” “Healthy Cakes: How to Avoid High Cracked” and so on.


# 3: Prepare a Keyword Description

When writing a description of your video, enter your natural keywords. As long as the description flows and is not forced, you will be OK.


If you overuse your keywords in a spam (so-called push-up), you are likely to damage your chances of getting better on YouTube SERPs.


In the example below, the description uses several keywords, but they work together without feeling compelled.


Youtube video keyword description

A keyword description works with your topic to attract people to it.

As you write a description of your video, be sure to include a link to your website or blog. For Google-level purposes, a YouTube link to your website is considered a backlink (meaning more Google juice on your website).


The YouTube video description is cut short by the third row, so be sure to put a link at the top of the video description.


# 4: Customize the video thumbnail

Your video thumbnail is the face of your video. It is the first thing viewers watch when your video comes to search, so it should surprise them.


Custom video thumbnails always surpass YouTube’s automatically selected screenshot. Grain screenshots from the center of your video do not convince viewers that your video is the one you should click.


youtube video icon comparison

The first impression is important – make it great!

Take the time to create a custom, attractive icon that conveys what your video is about. For best results, your icon should have 1280 x 720 resolution and 16: 9 aspect ratio.



Choosing the right keywords; to include them in your title, description and tags; Customizing your video thumbnail makes a huge difference in your YouTube traffic and success.

You can get more traffic by promoting your video across all your social media profiles to reach as many people as possible.The future and searchable videos


Making your video accessible to multiple sources helps promoters find your video, and, with your fingers, promote it or find it on their forums. Those links and embedding tell YouTube (and Google) that your content is popular, which raises the SERP ladder and results in higher YouTube search results.


Now all you need is good content, but that simple part, right? What do you think? Have you upgraded your YouTube channel? What worked best for you? Leave your suggestions and comments below.

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