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Best Quotes For Translators And Translations

Best Quotes For Translators And Translations

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Quotes For Translators

What is meant by Translation and Why is it important ?

Translation is the process of rendering or converting the linguistic meaning of texts or speech from one language to another language in its natural form

If we talk about the importance of translation on an individual level, it creates job opportunities for people who understand different languages as well as if you are a tourist and you visit a different country, then, it is very beneficial to be able to understand their language. But, it is very difficult for everyone to learn every language and to be able to understand them and to use them. That’s where the role of translation apps comes into existence. As most people in the world use smartphones, it’s convenient for them to install apps that help them in translation of texts and speech into their own language or in any other language.

Translation is important for the spread of knowledge and information across the world. It is important to understand other country’s languages if we have to build up relations with them and it also facilitates trade between different countries.

So, this was all about translation and its importance.

Now, let us talk about some quotes that will motivate you for your translation work.

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Best Quotes About Translators And Translations :

The best quotes for translators are :

A translator ought to Endeavour not only to say what his author has said, but you say it as he has said it “.

The difference between the right word and the almost right word is really a large matter- it’s the difference between lightning and a lightning bug “.

To use the same words is not a sufficient guarantee of understanding; one must use the same words for the same genus of inward experience; ultimately one must have one’s experiences in common “.

“ Language is a process of free creation; its laws and principles are fixed, but the manner in which the principles of generation are used is free and infinitely varied ”.

“ Translation is a disturbing craft because there is precious like certainty about what we are doing, which makes it so difficult in this age of  fervent belief and ideology, this age or greed and screed “.

“ Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world “.

“ It is hard indeed to notice anything for which the languages available to us have no description”.

“ The first rule of translation: make sure you know at least one of the bloody languages!”.

“ In its happiest efforts, translation is but approximation, and its efforts are not often happy. A translation may be good as a translation, but it cannot be an adequate Reproduction of the original”.

“ When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone,’ it means just what I chose it to mean- neither more nor less”.

“To translate, one must have a style of his own, for otherwise the translation will have no rhythm or nuance, which come from the process of artistically thinking through and molding the sentences; they cannot be reconstituted by piecemeal imitation. The problem of translation is to retreat to a simpler tenor of one’s own style and creatively adjust this to one’s author.”

“Translators have to prove to themselves as to others that they are in control of what they do; that they do not just translate well because they have a “flair” for translation, but rather because, like other professionals, they have made a conscious effort to understand various aspects of their work.”

“Translation is entirely mysterious. Increasingly I have felt that the art of writing is itself translating, or more like translating than it is like anything else. What is the other text, the original? I have no answer. I suppose it is the source, the deep sea where ideas swim, and one catches them in nets of words and swings them shining into the boat… where in this metaphor they die and get canned and eaten in sandwiches.”

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Other quotes of translators and translations.

Translation Standards

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Ken Liu

“Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly? We are different, you and I, and the qualia of our consciousness is as diverse as the two stars at the end of the universe.


However, anything that is lost in the translation of the long journey of my thoughts during the civilization that goes to your mind, I think you understand me, and you think you understand me. Our minds have been able to touch, if but briefly and partially.


Does that not make the universe appear gentle, brighter, warmer and more humane?


We live in such a world. ”

– Ken Liu, The Paper Menagerie and Other News

tags: consciousness, mind, miracle, thoughts, translation,

Salman Rushdie

The word ‘translate’ comes, etymologically, from the Latin for ‘cross’. As we are carried around the world, we are a translated people. It is often thought that something is always missing in the translation; I cling to the idea that something is wrong. ”

– Salman Rushdie, Imaginary Homelands: Essays and Criticism 1981-1991

Walter Benjamin

“It is the translator’s duty to release in his own language the pure language used by another, in order to release the language bound to the task of re-creating the work.”

– Walter Benjamin, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections

Orson Welles

“In my opinion, there are two things that cannot be conveyed on the screen: the actual presentation of the sexual act and the prayer to God.”

– Orson Welles

tags: cahier-du-cinema, film, god, movies, prayer, presentation, reality, screen, sex,

Ken Liu

“Every act of communication is a miracle of interpretation.”

– Ken Liu, The Paper Menagerie and Other News

tags: connection, miracle,

Suzy Kassem

 “We can’t control how people interpret our thoughts or ideas, but we can control the words and tone of voice we choose to convey. Peace is built on understanding, and wars are based on misunderstandings. Never underestimate the power of just one word, and never throw words away. One wrong word, or a misinterpretation of a word, can change the meaning of a whole sentence and start a war. And one good word, or one kind word, can give you heaven and open the doors. ”

– Suzy Kassem, Rise and Serve the Sun

Reading a translated poem

, ”writes Bialek,“ is like kissing a woman with a veil ”; and reading Greek poems, with a mixture of katharevousa and demotic, is like kissing two women. You choose your translation philosophy as you choose a way of life: free adaptation that gives meaning to the meaning, a solid bed that conveys the meaning of accuracy. The poet moves from life to life, the translator goes from language to life. ; both as aliens, try to find the invisible, the intertwined, the mysterious meaning. ”

– Anne Michaels, Escape Pieces

“No, no-” They weren’t even on the runway, and Jonah’s dad was drowning in his BlackBerry. “Do you remember those posters ‘Live Large with the Wiz Generation’? Well, guess how that translates into Chinese – ‘Jonah Wizard Makes Your Ancestors’.”

– Gordon Korman, Governor’s Code

So many people view their work as a daily punishment. Although I love my job as a translator. Translation is a sea crossing from one coast to another. Sometimes I think of myself as a trafficker: I’m crossing the line with a bunch of words, ideas, pictures, and metaphors. ”

– Amara Lakhous, Cultural Conflict Over Elevator in Piazza Vittorio

naturally, translation is a definition. There is no such thing as an objective translation because someone is translating. When I say “by nature”, this means that it is neither good nor bad, that it is the truth of the way of life. So what to expect in translation? Not only must it be reliable, but it must also be consistent, which means it must be readable and reasonable. Practical learning.


Andre Markowicz

the translator does not copy or return the original because this is survivable and otherwise. The translation is actually a moment in its evolution, and the real one is fulfilled as it grows within the translation. However, this growth should not […] lead in any particular way in any way. Growth must be met, eliminated and fulfilled. […] And if the real claims are complete this is because in the beginning it was not wrong, it is full, whole, whole, like it.

Spanish Quotes about Translation

“The translation is a function of the human rights activists in the world that imposes on the principal”. Mariano Antolín Rato

“El original no es fiel a la traducción” Jorge Luis Borges

“For the first time, I ignore the French era and its analogy altogether. With the decisions of the French language in English and in the English language, it does not include the castellano prop.” Jorge Luis Borges

“Los escritores hacen la literatura nacional y los traductores hacen la literatura universal”. José Saramago

“The translation is the art of del fraso.” Umberto Eco

“In general, a trader is a person who does not have the right to do so; he or she is a debtor. He or she is a person who is a member of a non-governmental organization, but an unprocessed person, who does not support him or her”. Maurice E. Coindreau

“El novelista es el mono de Dios. Pues bien, el traductor es el mono del novelista. Debe hacer las mismas muecas, le guste o no”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran%C3%A7ois_Mauriac François Mauriac Mauriac

“La poesía traducida es claro de luna disecado”. Heine

“The translation is a function of the human rights activists in the world that imposes on the principal”. Mariano Antolín Rato

“The current situation in the language of the son of intraducibles: this is a relation with the specific information of a narcissist”. Goethe


“The role of a professional trader who has been exposed to exposure to sponge has not been secreted – and he will continue to be the most influential person in the world to the extent that he is responsible for his actions. only when the deliberate actions are utilized; T. E. Lawrence

“Sin traducción habitaríamos provincias lindantes con el silencio”. George Steiner

Cada texto es único y, simultáneamente, es la traducción de otro texto. Ningún texto es enteramente original porque el lenguaje mismo, en su esencia, es ya una traducción: primero, del mundo no y verbal y, después, porque cada signo frase This is a translation of another sign and other word. But this is a simple translation of the original text: all the text of the original text, which is usually the translation of the text. Octavio Paz

“No omitir, no añadir, no adultery”. Valentín García Yebra

“Translate the producer with medios differentes efectos análogos”. Paul Valéry

“The ideal leader is a trademark. He is the one who deserves the textiles, retracts the skin, cuts off the middle of the medal, seves the arterial and the veneer and the veneer is a nun in the new world”. Alberto Manguel

“A language is a vision of the world, and once a language adopts a language, it is the only thing that can be done, in a very imperceptible way. “. Alfonso Reyes

If you do not understand the translation of the trademark “Traduttore, traditore”, by “el traductor es un traidor”, privatisos al epigrama italiano de su valor paranomástico. Román Jakobson

“Translate the language to the other and the most delusional activities of the inteelectuales; comparado con él, los otros acretijos, del bridge al rompecabezas, parecen triviales y vulgares. Destreza!” Cyril Connelly

“Translate as always sacrificed; pero no ha de sacrificarse nada esencial”. Enrique Diez-Canedo

“If the trader is not the only one who is a slave, he is a benefactor of humanity; he is not, an autistic entigo público”. Miguel Sáenz

Quotes about language

“Words – pure and powerless as they are, as in the dictionary, how powerful and good are in the hands of someone who knows how to put them together.” Nathaniel Hawthorne

“Just as the hawk does not fly on one wing, so one does not attain beauty in one language. Roger Ascham

“True art involves saying everything that is needed, and nothing but what is needed.” Heinrich Heine

“We often look at language and not realize how powerful a language is.” Deborah Tannen

“The most important things are very difficult to say, because the words cut them down.” Stephen King

“Euphemisms are unfortunate facts wearing diplomatic cologne.” Quentin Crisp

“For a good name beareth fruit.” Thomas Mann

“England and America are two countries divided into one language.” George Bernard Shaw

“Language uses endless media.” Wilhelm von Humboldt

Why Do We Need Translation?


The importance of translation in our daily lives is much greater than we realize. Yes, English is a widely used language. It is the third most widely spoken language when it comes to indigenous peoples. This equates to about 330 million people. If you put people who can speak English as a second language, it is probably the most popular language in the world. So why might a translation be needed today?


The Importance of Translation For Everyone


There is a great deal of value and importance when it comes to everyone’s translation. Working in English only can slow down companies and businesses. If you understand the importance of everyone’s translation, you will be able to see it as a necessary and appropriate investment. As a result, you will also need the rental of interpreting equipment.


People Love Their Indigenous Language


There is no question that English is the most widely spoken language. Many of those numbers, however, have been made by people who speak English as a second language. This would mean that most people would be better off if they were spoken in their native language.


These people understand and understand English. They have no problem combining his words with a sentence that answers whatever you ask them. But until you speak the language spoken by their heart (their native tongue), you will not really speak to them in the best way possible.


Most people just love their native language. That is what they are most comfortable with and that shows their confidence when they talk. That is why we need translation; it will allow people to communicate effectively.


Not Everyone Speaks English


English is the most widely spoken language, but there are still some people out there who do not speak the language. And just because you can speak English does not mean that you can speak fluently to get around every situation. Language is more than just passing words back and forth. It is a way of speaking; a manifestation of culture, society, and faith. If a person does not understand English fluently and completely, there may be some miscommunication when it comes to holding a proper conversation.


Translation Permits Global Economy


Communication and mobility are improving. Geography is no longer a problem when it comes to doing business overseas. The only stopping gap would be the language barrier. These big businesses need high quality translation to communicate effectively in order to grow their business. With such a need, the translation will not go away anytime soon.


Different languages


English may not always be the most popular language in the world. As the world grows, other languages ​​begin to grow in importance. Developing countries are beginning to take their place in the global economy and their citizens have access to the internet and the world around them. In the years to come, English may not be the dominant language in the world economy. That is why we need translation in order to survive so that we can embrace all languages ​​as a global economy.


Enable Spread of Ideas and Information

Translation is needed to spread new knowledge, knowledge, and ideas around the world. It is really necessary to achieve effective communication between different cultures. In the process of disseminating new information, translation is something that can change history. It is the only way some people know the different activities that will enhance their knowledge of the world. For example:


Arab translators kept Greek ideas and philosophies alive during the Middle Ages.

The Bible has been translated into some 531 languages.

Translation services assist sports teams and organizations in overcoming language barriers and taking their games abroad.

TED interviews are so great about the importance of translation that they have a specific project that will allow people from all over the world to listen to their lectures and hear the best teachers in the world.



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