Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)


Customary BPO is dead. However, the need to rehash business tasks is more fundamental than any other time in recent memory.


BPS: Reinventing BPO with Intelligent Operations

Better approaches to work

In the present carefully upset market, where customary income sources are turning out to be more subtle, practical development requires another working model one that is moored around the client and driven by insight to convey extraordinary encounters and results.

A working model that bridles new and inventive innovations including computerized reasoning, conveyed record innovation and quantum registering to constantly push the limits of the present cycles and plans of action.

Accenture Operations makes this conceivable through our human-machine working stage – SynOps, which integrates the ideal mix of individuals, interaction, and innovation to assist customers with reworking their associations with another, more associated working model—one that makes hyper pertinent client encounters, elevates coordinated effort among both inward gatherings and outer accomplices to drive fruitful and practical development.

Quick track to future-prepared execution. Raise each choice with keen activity.



Quick track to future-prepared

Applying tech-driven operational knowledge across an association prompts more noteworthy productivity and proficiency.

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BPO administrations

With in excess of 145,000 uncommon individuals in more than 50 focuses, we apply insight, advancement and profound industry experience, along with New IT and new abilities to drive business worth and development. Become familiar with our administrations.

Insightful Finance Operations

Assisting organizations with changing conditional to vital associations through canny tasks.


Causing you bridle the force of human + machine to build up versatile tasks for your business.

Sourcing and obtainment

Information driven bits of knowledge to help upgrade measures, increment effectiveness and drive out more worth.

Consistence as an assistance

Accomplishing consistence and overseeing danger to stay up with administrative and operational pressing factors.


Guarantee business maintainability by changing to a lithe banking working model.

Inventory network

Building deft, straightforward stock chains to assist organizations with exploring market instability with progress.

Deals and client tasks

Changing deals, promoting and administration tasks to convey feasible advancement development.


Showcasing Operations actuates and upgrades top tier client encounters to convey discovery…

Ability and HR

Reshaping the representative experience and improving maintenance with inventive labor force working models.


Aiding payers, suppliers and government organizations drive development, while improving patient results.

Virtual visits

Take a 360° virtual visit through our Intelligent Operations Centers.

Contextual investigations

Purchaser merchandise goliath acknowledges $1B in investment funds

Obtainment BPS

Purchaser merchandise goliath acknowledges $1B in investment funds

Rehashing acquirement by moving to an information driven model.

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Guaranteeing greatness with lithe activities

Protection BPS

Guaranteeing greatness with coordinated activities

European safety net provider takes advantage of examination, computerization and master ability to help consumer loyalty.

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Rehashing banking activities to trigger development

Banking BPS

Rehashing banking activities to trigger development

Robotization, examination and top ability help cut working expenses by 20-30%—opening up assets to reinvest.

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Our opinion

Quick track to future-prepared


Quick track to future-prepared

Applying tech-driven operational knowledge across an association prompts more prominent benefit and effectiveness.

Innovation Vision 2021: Leaders needed

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