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Intersection And Turning Movement Counts

Intersection And Turning Movement Counts

What do you mean by Intersection Counts ?

The type of Intersection traffic service in which there is a need to count the number of pedestrians, cycles, vehicles in a particular intersection or Road is known as intersection counts. It is basically done so as to optimise the counts of moments of vehicles through an intersection during particular time periods. It includes all the activities off the vehicles like left turn, right turn, U turn, etc. Intersection counts are also helpful for the capture of data like number of vehicles or pedestrians at a particular time.

Purpose For Intersection Counts :

The purpose of intersection counts is to collect data that can be used to make decisions at EP management planning level like for example traffic impact analysis and operation analysis for signal installation as well as for determining the timing for a particular signal. It also helps to manage the floor of the traffic at the intersection.

The following are the major purposes for intersection counts :

  • Timing traffic signals.
  •  Channelization design. GNE
  •  Planning of turn prohibitions.
  •  Evaluating transition of the traffic data.

So, these were some of the major reasons for intersection counts and turning moment counts. However it is done by the government alone but sometimes the government also prefers to outsource it to some trusted and valuable service providers that have expertise in this field. As we know it is related to road safety, it should be given to only those service providers who have experience in the field of intersection and turning movement counts.

Below are some of the hand picked service providers which can help in the process of turning intersection counts.

Service Providers : Intersection

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