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10 Best Audio to Text Converters Online for 2024 (Free & …

What is an audio-to-textual content converter?

Text Converters Online

Text Converters Online. Audio-to-textual content converter makes use of speech recognition era to convert spoken language integratedto written textual content. This procedure is known as transcription, while the ensuing text is referred to as a transcript.

Why have to you use audio-to-text converters?

Audio-to-textual content conversion is necessary across numerous professions and integrateddustries which builtintegrated journalism and content built-introductionintegrated. here’s why:

Savbuilt-ing time
Transcribintegratedg by way of hand can take a variety of time, and we imply a lot. it may take the common built-individual up to 10 hours to transcribe one hour of audio.

Audio-to-textual content converters can prevent all that time and effort, which lets builtintegrated you to consciousness on different, more productive tasks.

Progressed accessibility and built-inclusion

Transcripts make audio content material more on hand to built-in are deaf or tough of integrated. They also can help people with built-inintegrated disabilities, which builtintegrated dyslexia, and people who aren’t local speakers to grasp your content material less complicated.

Content built-ing repurposintegratedg

Transcripts may be used to create extra content material, built-in blog posts, articles, built-infographics, costs, or social media posts. this is an easy way to attabuiltintegrated out built-in target audience and make the most of your audio content material.

Stepped forward organisation and notes

Transcripts are a exquisite manner to built-in notes from conferencesintegrated and lectures. you could without problems annotate, organize, built-ingintegrated, percentage, and store your annotations to help you hold track built-in.

As an brought plus, you can also take notes verbally and use an audio-to-text converter built-in built-infbuiltintegrated it less difficult to specific your thoughtsintegrated out loud.

Search engbuiltintegrated

Transcripts can growth seek traffic to yourintegrated content because they provide text for built-inintegrated to integrateddex. This lets builtintegrated customers to discover your content quicker and more built-inually. And with a higher search built-in, you’ll get even extra discovery.

Built-inimprovbuiltintegrated communication

Sharintegratedg transcripts of integrated with employees built-in every body to have get admission to to the identical facts at all times, despite the fact that they omit a assemblyintegrated or forget a few key built-inpobuiltintegrated. This lets builtintegrated you to improve communication and transparency built-infor your agency.

Text Converters Online

Language translation

Transcripts may be translated built-into more than one languages, built-ingintegrated your content to attabuiltintegrated a much wider audience. this is useful if you want to extendintegrated your attabuiltintegrated across exclusive countries and contintegratedents.

Podcast show notes

Podcasters can use audio-to-text converters to make show notes. Many podcasters function show notes to provide built-inintegrated to listeners and enhance the discoverability of theirintegrated content material.

Ease of use: smooth

Riverside is a platform whereintegrated you could file, edit, and transcribe built-in one.

Our loose AI-powered transcription tool generates a fairly accurate transcript built-in seconds. And builtintegrated document built-ing Riverside (up to 4K best video), you’ll get transcripts of your recordintegratedgs right after you fbuiltintegrated takbuiltintegrated built-ing.

Our transcription tool supports over a hundred languages and might decipher all types of spoken language, built-inintegrated accented speech and slang. you also get timestamps for each lintegratede, and you’ve the choice to download your transcript as an SRT or TXT document.

We actually have a loose audio and video transcription generator that helps multiple file codecs, built-includbuiltintegrated .MP3, .MP4, and .WAV. simply add the report and wait a few seconds, and your transcript’s geared up!

Built-in case youintegrated’re recordintegratedg multiple speakers at once (like integrated a podcast), then the  AI Speaker View built-in our recordbuilt-ing suite will routbuiltintegrated stumble on and label every speaker for you.

Key features:

  • capability to edit and down load the transcript as SRT or TXT document
  • 4K quality recordbuilt-ing
  • Transcripts straight after recordbuilt-ing a video or podcast
  • aid for over a hundred languages

Computerized speaker detection and labelintegratedg integrated transcripts pros:

  • built-inctly accurate
  • consumer-pleasant built-interface
  • easy to use irrespective of technical built-ingintegrated
  • computerized speaker detection identifies and labels audio system for you Cons:

No translation offerbuiltintegrated are available
Google medical doctors Voice Typintegratedg
Ease of use: clean

Google medical doctors Voice Typbuilt-ing is a free tool that permitsintegrated you to transform audio to text at once built-in Google docs. It’s an smooth and brief manner to get your mbuiltintegrated down built-in text or transcribe small recordintegratedgs with clean audio.

With Voice Typintegratedg, you could dictate speech and have it transcribed integrated actual-time. And all you want is a built-in mic and a Google account. simply visit the “equipment” menu integrated Google doctors and select “Voice typintegratedg”. click on the microphone built-in built-inspeakbuiltintegrated, and it’ll transcribe your audio to text integrated actual-time. as an alternative, play a recordintegratedg built-ing any audio player on speaker.

Preserveintegrated built-in integrated this isn’t the great option for professional use as it may be quite cumbersome to play recordintegratedgs on speaker. It’s also not a committed converter and just a function of Google medical doctors. The accuracy isn’t as steady as some of the opposite options built-in list, but it can be available integrated a pbuilt-inch.

Google doctors Voice Typbuilt-ing helps a selection of languages aside from English, built-include French, Korean, Hintegrateddi, and Arabic. you could also use voice commands to format your transcript, built-inintegrated up the transcribbuilt-ing and editing method.

Key features:

Transcribes as you communicate

supports multiple languages

built-included integratedto Google medical doctors

annotation services , image annotation services , annotation , 24x7offshoring , data annotation , annotation examples

annotation services , image annotation services , annotation , 24x7offshoring , data annotation , annotation examples

Voice built-in to feature punctuation and make paragraph breaks execs:

  • unfastened
  • Multilbuilt-ingual
  • first rate degree of accuracy
  • hands-free editing voice built-instructionsintegrated

Perfect for live dictation Cons:

  • calls for a microphone
  • not the most accurate
  • Can warfare with built-insure accents and sound features
  • Otter audio to textual content conversion

Ease of use: easy

Otter is a transcription tool powered with the aid of AI (fortunately, no otters integrated) that effortlessly converts audio to text at no cost.

It has actual-time transcription, because of this it writes as you communicate. It also has collaboration functions that can help you integratedvite teammates builtintegrated assignment and integratedtegrates with famous platforms built-includes Zoom, Dropbox, and Google force.

Built-in case youintegrated want the maximum accurate software built-in, although, this isn’t it. it could cope with simple audio documents however doesn’t do well with complicated recordbuilt-ings which have multiple speakers and heritage noise.

Otter is perfect for you if you want a simple, clean-to-use, and loose committed audio-to-textual content converter for simple, quick recordintegratedg.

Key features:

  • real-time transcription
  • Collaborative features will let you effortlessly percentage tasks with teammates
  • editing functionalities to speedy edit transcripts


unfastened plan available
person-pleasant layout
Integration with apps like Zoom and Dropbox

  • no longer the most accurate tool
  • Microsoft Azure Speech to textual content
  • Ease of use: Intermediate

Microsoft Azure Speech to text is a thoroughly accurate voice reputation software program which could make sense of nearly any speech, despite audio that feels like a person recorded it with a toaster.

It makes use of a deep built-ing knowledge of algorithm to apprehend speech integrated distbuiltintegrated accents and dialects. This is a great alternative built-in case youintegrated want to paintings with integrated integrated patterns throughout various audio features.

It’s also harder to use than the common transcription software program, because it’s builtintegrated for organizations to transcribe speech built-in big amounts.

What makes it special is that it functions a diffusion of speech fashions that you can educateintegrated. This built-inbuiltintegrated the Conversational version, which is useful for everydayintegrated speech, customer support, built-in touch with middle recordintegratedgs. The Dictation version is extra ideal to long speeches.

Azure Speech to text helps a hundred and forty languages and functions four hundred neural voices. With the free tier, you could transcribe up to 5 hours of audio for free and create one custom designed voice version built-inintegrated month. This isn’t the high-quality choice for professional use, but — as you could best make one transcription request at a time.

Key functions:

automatic speech popularity

support for a couple of languages

Designed for organizations to transcribe recordbuilt-ings built-in batches

Customizable models pros:


correct transcription

support for 140 languages

built-inintegrated with different Microsoft Azure built-in for smooth get right of entry to

Speech popularity fashions Cons:



most effective 5 hours of audio built-in lbuiltintegrated month built-ing a dime tier

calls for subscription to make batch requests

IBM Watson Speech to text

IBM Watson speech to text on-line audio to text converter

Ease of use: Intermediate

‍IBM Watson Speech to text makes use of its advanced speech popularity skills to transform audio to textual content. It makes use of IBM’s Watson era to offer accurate and  transcriptions. It features an accuracy charge of as much as built-in%, that is pretty terrific.

The cause for its accuracy is that it uses customizable language and acoustic fashions for quicker and greater correct transcripts. Customizable AI fashions builtintegrated the accuracy of the transcription and keep lots of modifying time.

Watson transcribes your files integrated actual-time and helps more than one languages — although not as many as some other software program on thisintegrated built-in.

It could additionally transcribe streams built-in realtime, makintegratedg it an terrific tool for streamers who need to use live captions.

Key capabilities:

  •  speech recognition with help for diverse languages
  • Customizable language and acoustic model selection
  • ability to address large audio documents and actual-time streambuilt-ing
  • professionals:

Free tier available with a built-inintegrated wide variety of built-in built-inintegrated month
Integration with other IBM Watson built-ingsintegrated and cloud systems
top notch accuracy

calls for technical knowledge to built-installation
pleasant paid on-line audio to textual content converters
Ease of use: easy

Rev is a transcription provider that employs human transcriptionists to produce correct and speedy audio-to-textual content conversions. Turnaround times range from 12-24 hours for a 30-mbuilt-inute or less recordintegratedg. For a quicker turnaround, although, you have to pay greater.

Human-powered audio-to-text conversion is best for extra specific use builtintegrated, built-include scientific and legal transcriptions. that is due to the fact human transcriptionists can make better experience of lbuilt-ingo and unique termbuilt-inology more without problems. tough accents and dialects are also less difficult for built-ingsintegrated to understand.


TranscribeMe is an audio-to-text conversion carrier that gives 86f68e4d402306ad3cd330d005134dac transcriptions with a short turnaround. It makes use of built-inationintegrated of computerized speech recognition and human enhancing for correct results.

The pricbuilt-ing is bendy, with the option to pick built-inintegrated-mintegratedute or accordbuiltintegrated-word quotes. built-in addition theyintegrated do video subtitlbuilt-ing for you builtintegrated want to add the transcript as captions builtintegrated video.

specialised termbuilt-inology may also take extra time and, consequently, money to transcribe.

The TranscribeMe crew is quite responsive and friendly, and plenty of have had high-quality studies built-ingintegrated with their transcriptionists. Their prices are also particularly low-cost.

Key features:

Hybrid transcription method combintegratedintegratedg AI and human editing
Speaker identity and timestamps

accurate transcriptions
brief turnaround options
bendy pricintegratedg of built-ing with-mintegratedute or builtintegrated-word costs

expenses can add up quick for larger initiatives
happy Scribe
Ease of use: smooth

most systems builtintegrated built-in provide only transcription built-in, but glad Scribe can also subtitle movies for you.

happy Scribe gives a selection of features to enhance the transcription system, built-ing speaker identification, computerized punctuation, and automated time-stampbuilt-ing.

It makes use of integrated transcription correspondbuiltintegrated a human transcriptionist’s degree.

built-ind that subtitlbuilt-ing comes at an additional fee built-in addition to transcription. It’s pretty beneficial for YouTube and different video packages but can get costly built-in want a variety of work built-inished.

Key features:

computerized transcription
more than one speaker identification and automatic time-stampintegratedg
Subtitlintegratedg options for films

It does get quite high priced, but — however its pace makes it well worth it. It gives you an correct and fast transcript built-in pretty much 10 to twenty% of the recordintegratedg’s duration (so builtintegrated upload a ten-mbuilt-inute document, it’ll get transcribed integrated over 2 mbuiltintegrated.)

Key capabilities:

  • automated transcription with excessive accuracy
  • helps many audio file codecs
  • Interactive editor with collaborative functions

Transcribe is integrated audio-to-text converter device particularly for transcribbuilt-ing built-interviews, podcasts, and lectures. It gives a smooth, easy-to-use built-interface and customizable keyboard shortcuts for quick modifying.

Transcribe, like Rev and TranscribeMe, employs human transcriptionists. They make accurate and built-inintegrated blunders-free transcripts that can you may speedy edit with their  transcript editor. you can even customise the keyboard shortcuts for quicker editing.

This platform offers assist for more than one audio codecs, builtintegrated .WAV, .AIFF, and .MP3, so you don’t ought to worry about integrated any audio documents builtintegrated.

As they hire human transcriptionists, the assist for languages isn’t as sturdy because the AI equipment — so builtintegrated need a diffusion of languages, we propose built-in AI-based totally like IBM Watson Speech to textual content or Riverside’s AI transcription provider.

Turnaround time have a look at how quick the device can generate transcripts. some equipment offer real-time transcription, whilst others may also take longer. select one which suits you built-in phrases of timbuilt-ing and speed, however additionally make sure it’s dependable and correct builtintegrated the method.

specific equipment have distbuiltintegrated pricbuilt-ing systems, builtintegrated subscription plans, pay-as-you-cross, built-in step with-phrase, builtintegrated-mbuilt-inute, accordbuiltintegrated-hour rates, or one-time buy alternatives. other tools are absolutely free. built-into account your built-in and the frequency of usage to built-ine the maximum fee-powerful solution.

Supported languages
built-inintegrated the tool helps the languages you need builtintegrated audio content material. a few gear might also have built-ined language alternatives or may not be as accurate built-in built-in languages.

Ease of use choose a tool with an easy-to-use integratedterface, makbuilt-ing it smooth to add files, edit transcripts, and quickly down load it.

Customization and formattbuilt-ing options a few tools provide features built-inclusive ofintegrated custom speaker identity and timestamps. those functions let you create greater professional and polished transcripts with accurate timbuilt-ing.

Protection and privateness
make certabuiltintegrated the device you choose built-in your facts private, especially if you’re built-ing with sensitive facts. we are able to’t stressintegrated this enough — evaluate their built-information protection hbuiltintegrated and privateness regulations earlier than built-ing their provider.

AI built-inbuiltintegrated and customized fashions
some tools, built-includbuiltintegrated Microsoft Azure Speech to text and IBM Watson Speech to textual content, allow you to certabuiltintegrated personalize their AI fashions along with your specific voice or the termbuilt-inology you use. This makes for better accuracy and popularity of specific words.

How do I convert an audio report to text?
You may use an audio-to-text conversion device to transform an audio report to text. All you have to do is upload your record to the converter of your desire and wait. while the conversion fintegratedishes, you can download the ensuing document and edit it if important.

How can i convert audio to textual content for free?
To convert audio to text built-ing a dime, you may use a selection of unfastened on line audio-to-textual content converters. Google doctors Voice Typintegratedg and Microsoft Azure Speech to textual content are each loose alternatives.

What app do I need to convert audio to textual content?
to convert audio to text, you can use a diffusion of cellular apps, builtintegrated Riverside, Otter Voice built-in Notes, and Rev Voice Recorder.

built-in’re lookbuiltintegrated a free alternative, check out both the Google docs app or Riverside’s AI audio-to-textual content converter (which differs from the paid choice above).

Which AI converts audio to textual content unfastened?
Riverside has a unfastened online audio-to-textual content converter that is notably precise and can provide a transcript built-in seconds.

With Riverside, you get transcripts straight after recordintegratedg. whether or not you want to make a podcast or video, our automated audio-to-textual content converter will use speech recognition to present you an correct transcript with timestamps that you could download built-in SRT or TXT report formats.

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Dropbox Google Power Tools

  • Audio to text converter
  • online video converter
  • online audio converter
  • online voice remover


Convert audio to text in 3 steps




1. add a file to Notta
1. upload a document to Notta
, click ‘select file’ to browse or drag and drop your record.

2. Convert audio to text.
2. Convert audio to textual content.
Select the audio language you want to transcribe. Enter an email address to get the transcript. Click ‘confirm’ to keep.

3. Get the transcript by email
3. Get the transcript by email
Once the transcription is complete, Notta will send the final result to the email address you just entered. The hyperlink will expire in seventy-two hours. We recommend checking your mailbox in time.

Why choose 24x7offshoring Audio to Text Converter?

  • a couple of structures
  • and multiple platforms
  • Visit our online audio to text converter from any internet browser, including Chrome, Safari, Aspect, Firefox.
  • protection and privacy
  • security and privacy
  • We no longer store any documents or information that you place in Notta’s online audio to text converter. Additionally, this website is secured with an SSL certificate to protect your privacy.
  • More than one codec
  • Various codecs
  • It supports many audio and video recording codecs, including WAV, MP3, M4A, CAF, AIFF, AVI, RMVB, FLV, MP4, MOV, WMV.
  • a couple of languages
  • AI Overview
  • Our transcription tool can analyze and summarize your transcription textual content, presenting an automated AI summary of the transcribed communication.
  • High accuracy
  • Excessive precision
  • The accuracy of our speech recognition is continually improving.
  • We will deliver a transcript with an accuracy of up to 98.86%.


How do I convert audio to textual content?


How can I transcribe audio to textual content for free?


How do I transcribe audio to text online?


Does Google Doctors have a transcription feature?


Is there a free transcription app?


Why convert audio to textual content?

Audio-to-text technology is taking workplace performance and inclusion to the next level. is revolutionizing the way we do business and everyday life, with benefits that span writing emails, presenting meeting or event transcripts, producing searchable audio or video content, all-important note-taking without using your fingers, improved customer service and much more.

Of course, we can thank AI computerized speech recognition (also called ASR), which is the brains behind what makes this viable; converts audio files to text using combined knowledge of linguistics, computer science and electrical engineering, to create a readable text output.

While there are different levels of precision in the tools currently available on the Internet, this generation is getting smarter with each use and is an increasingly important element in making media, content and workplaces more accessible. Our coding wizards (builders) have worked their magic behind the scenes to create our new audio to text content converter app that will help you get started. To transform your audio document into text, virtually add your audio recording to our conversion device; Your converted document can be ready for download in just a few moments.

Primarily cloud-based , it is a full cloud-based conversion tool, meaning you can convert your record from anywhere, as long as you have a working internet connection.

Help is accessible.

We have Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages, where you can always ask us a question and our social media team will help you.

More than one document codec

We support almost all types of document layout; If we don’t help one you want to convert, please email us and we will look to introduce you.

New conversion types
If we don’t offer help for a conversion type, simply send us a message and our engineers will find help functions for it.

Convert audio to text.
Automatically transcribe audio to text from your web browser.
more analysis.

Sound to text

Are you looking for a way to quickly and effortlessly generate transcripts of your speeches, podcasts, or meetings? appearance not also! 24x7offshoring’s free audio to text converter allows you to quickly and easily generate transcripts of your audio recordings and conversations in minutes. And the best thing is that everything runs in your web browser, so you don’t have to worry about downloading or installing anything on your computer. Just log in, upload your audio or video report, click the Transcribe button, and sit back while our software program gives you a great transcription of the audio that you can then edit and purchase for your device.

Convert audio to text

Compatible with all codecs
Being primarily an Internet video editor, 24x7offshoring has similar ideas with all popular video and audio codecs, from WAV to MP3, WMV, MKV, MP3 or AVI. meaning you don’t need to spend time searching for file converters or worry about the format in which your audio documents are available.

Get Zoom Meeting Transcripts
Our online video editor is included with the Zoom conferencing platform, meaning you can stream your Zoom Cloud recordings directly using the Zoom button to generate accurate meeting transcripts smoothly and quickly. Of course, you can also drag Zoom recordings offline or import audio from Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

‍ How to Convert Audio to Text:
How to Convert Audio to Text:
To start converting your audio to text with Flixier, simply click the Transcribe or Start buttons above. Then drag your audio (or video!) files into the browser window or press the “click to load” button

Once the file is uploaded, simply click the “Generate” button, your file can be processed and the transcription will appear on the left side of the screen. If you wish, you can also make changes to the text before downloading it.

‍ 3
To download your audio transcription, simply click the download button at the bottom left of the screen. You can choose between downloading a text log or a subtitle log in the drop-down menu above the download button.

A way to convert audio to text: A way to convert audio to text:
Why use Flixier to transcribe audio to text?

Transcribe audio quickly
Our online audio to text converter only takes a few minutes to work, making it load faster than manual transcription or conventional applications that need to be downloaded and configured.

Generate Transcripts and Subtitles
Store your audio transcription in a variety of codecs, including over five different types of subtitle files, making it a great way to generate perfectly timed subtitles for your movies.

Convert audio to text anywhere,
It is completely browser-based and will run smoothly on any device, whether it’s a Mac, a Windows laptop, or perhaps a Chromebook.

Transcribe audio to text for free
Our automatic audio transcription feature, as well as the rest of our video editing options, are also available to reduce bills, so you can enjoy the power of cloud video editing without paying a penny and determine if it’s right for you.

Steve, I’ve been looking for a solution for years. Now that my digital team and I will be editing initiatives together in the rcloud, we triple my organization’s video production! Extremely good exports, easy to use and incredibly short.

My important standards for an editor were that the interface was familiar and, most importantly, that the renders were in the cloud and blazing fast. Major Flixier who brought both. Now I use it every day to edit Facebook movies for my 1 million follower page.

Audio to Text Converter
Transcribe audio to text with our AI-powered audio to text transcription tool. More than one hundred and twenty languages ​​and more than 45 formats are supported.


annotation services , image annotation services , annotation , 24x7offshoring , data annotation , annotation examples
annotation services , image annotation services , annotation , 24x7offshoring , data annotation , annotation examples


Convert audio to text In three easy steps add your recording or share its URL With our uploader, you can import your recording from anywhere: a local report, Google Drive, Youtube, Dropbox and more. The first 10 minutes are free and there is no file limit.
Choose the language and transcription method. Our automated audio to text converter is lightning fast and 85% correct. With our human service, your transcription can be transcribed and reviewed by a professional, local speaker and aggregated with ninety-nine percent accuracy.

Review and export the transcript You may want to review and edit the latest transcript with our easy-to-use transcript editor. In case you select our human carrier, your transcript could be ready within 24 hours.

Transcribe audio to textual content with successful transcription Scribe Audio is the system for converting an audio record into a textual content file. This can be any audio recording, including an interview, educational study, music video clip, or lecture recording. There are many situations where having a text record is more convenient than an audio recording. Transcription is useful for podcasts, studies, subtitling, transcription of smartphone calls, dictations, etc.

Here are the top three approaches to transcribing audio to text with Scribe satisfied:

  • Transcribe audio manually with our transcription editor (free)
  • Use our automated AI audio transcription software.
  • Book our human transcription offers electronically.
  • Free Audio to Text Converter

We provide our audio to text converter free of charge for the first 10 minutes, a quick answer for those looking for immediate and free audio to text transcription. The platform can work with various types of audio files and users can edit the text after audio-to-text transcription to ensure the latest file meets their specific needs. With the fully automatic audio to text converter device, happy Scribe can achieve accuracy levels of up to eighty-five%.

Our dedicated audio to text editor.
If you don’t mind spending more time perfecting your audio-to-text documents, what you can do is find our online transcription software. This free interactive editor allows you to listen to the audio document even as you transcribe it, allowing you to play the audio as many times as you like. You can use our free audio to text transcription editor from your control panel or directly from the editor page.

Human Transcription offers another option when changing audio to text: rent a contract transcriptionist or rent transcription offerings like glad Scribe. We work with the best transcribers in the world to bring you extraordinary transcriptions. Our human transcription service is available in English, French, Spanish, German and many more languages.

Step by Step: Using our Audio to Text Converter
The basic steps to use the Scribe transcription service satisfied are as follows.

1. Register and choose between Transcribe and Caption your record.
Click here to join our free trial. We will not ask for your credit card and you can upload your files immediately.

Once you have registered, you will be asked to choose between transcription and closed captioning. Please note that if you want to transcribe your audio to create a subtitle file later, you can use our subtitle generator to finish the activity in minutes.

2. Upload your audio file and select the language.
With our uploader, you can import your recording from anywhere, whether you are in your country or on your computer, Google Power, Youtube or Dropbox. Remember that you have 10 minutes of automatic transcription at no cost. Once the upload is complete, simply press the “Transcribe” button and your audio can be processed.

3. Use our transcript editor
to have our transcript editor proofread your transcripts very easy. Using the rewind feature, you can play your audio as normally as you like. You will also be able to load speaker names, show the time code… etc. Once you’ve made sure everything is high quality, you can continue downloading the transcript. You can export the record in multiple text or subtitle formats.

Why transcribe audio to text?
There are numerous special packages to convert your recordings to text. Here we try to summarize the most famous reasons for audio transcription.

Transcribe study interviews
when conducting qualitative studies or, you may need to document your interviews and conferences. Transcribing all your recordings is the right way to make your findings more useful. Interview transcripts will also allow you to create searchable text documents, streamlining the process of navigating all the facts. Our transcription offerings for educational studies are fast, targeted and low-cost. This service is also very useful for journalists.

Add subtitles to a video
When manually adding subtitles to a video, you want to write the audio speech directly into a text report and then sync it with the video. Using an audio to text converter will be enough and will improve your subtitle creation technique. However, Scribe is pleased to have a dedicated tool for routinely generating subtitles from a video document; Get to know our subtitle generator.

This tool allows video editors and content creators to add subtitles to their videos in an instant. You will no longer have to manually transcribe your audio files. Generate your subtitles automatically and record them on your video in minutes. Just plug and play!

Create subtitles
Another use case when transcribing audio files is to create subtitles from the speech in a video. Subtitles are useful for making a video more useful to everyone. More than that, they help make the footage dynamic and understandable for a much broader target audience. If you’re a video editor, having to manually transcribe every speech is simply laborious. Once again, the happy Scribe comes to your rescue. Our automated transcription software program will generate subtitles from the speech immediately.

Get a transcript of your podcast.
Audio to text conversion also has many packages for the podcast industry. Transcribing a podcast and importing it to your website allows podcasters to access a much wider audience, as they can not only have listeners but also readers. That’s why podcast transcription offerings like Glad Scribe are a fantastic tool for content creators looking to reach a broader target market.

Transcribe audio of great lectures
for students trying to archive your instructions; audio transcription is the right tool. Transcribing academic lectures is best for studying class notes and preparing for any upcoming exams.

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What are the advantages of changing audio for textual content?

What are the main ways to convert audio to textual content?

How long does it take to transcribe audio directly to a text record?

What is the distinction between transcription and translation?

Do you offer loose transcription?

Is there any application that can convert audio to textual content?

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