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Successful Korean to English Translation

korean to english translationWhat is Korean to English Translator?

Korean to English Translation is a language translation tool enabled by the Google Translation API.

An online language translator provides easy access to an online translation service. Our free online Korean to English translator provides fast and accurate translation right in your hands. Please type a word or phrase that you will translate, and our Free Translation Tool will help you. If you have a very important project, in that case, you need human translation. Therefore Hire Professional Translation Service and get the fastest turnaround time in the industry and 100% accurate.

Translate Korean to English is a third-party service provided by Google, making all translations direct and flexible. Korean online translation into English provides very easy access to the online translation service. Korean to English translation forum includes online translation service, English Korean Korean, English and Korean reference dictionary for text conversion services, spell checking software, etc.


Google Korean to English Translation is a free service that instantly translates words, phrases, and web pages. Our language translation program not only translates text from Korean into English but also retains the original text. Use our apps to translate text into Korean easily and effectively for free. Our website provides another open source Google translation service from Korean to English and translates from Korean to English.

How does this website translate Korean words into English?

Translate King uses the Google transliteration Application Programming Interface (API) which is an online language translator. This API uses Google’s neural machine translation that can translate sentences into 100+ languages. It is the most accurate and widely used tool among all other language translation tools.

This forum is very easy to use to translate into English from Korean words. Just type or paste your Korean text into the left input box and press the space button to get the English text in the righthand out box. Eg. “어떻게지내” meaning in English is “How are you”.

Who can use this free Korean online translator to English?

This Korean online translator can be used for personal and commercial purposes. It can be used to translate one language into another while chatting online and gaining basic language knowledge by a person. Although, professionals (such as content writers, bloggers, and those who are not comfortable with typing in English) can commercially use it as a Korean-to-English online typing software.

As we know that electronic communication around the world is growing rapidly so this tool can be used to translate Korean sentences into English words and to understand another user’s questions.

The mobile version of this website also has a send button, so that the user can directly transfer the translated text to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

The importance of changing language for a Korean speaker.

According to Wikipedia, the Korean language is spoken by 77.2 million people worldwide. It is widely spoken in Korea. Therefore, translation is important for those people who are more comfortable writing in Korean and who want to convey their feelings to other people who speak the language.

This website offers the option to select the Korean input and output you want. It can directly translate typed text into Korean text and, at the same time, translate it into outgoing language. It can also be used as a Korean <-> English dictionary for a quick result of a Korean word meaning in English. It helps to practice translating Korean to English with Korean keyboard. Therefore, this free online translation tool for Korean language to English will be useful for Korean-speaking people.

The following are some of the features of the free Korean to English translator

✅ Free translation

We do not charge any fees for our users for this service, unlike other forums that charge a fee.

✅ Easy to use

We believe in user satisfaction so we have tried our best to make this platform easy to use.

✅ Copy and download the translated text

Text can be copied at the click of a copy button and can be downloaded as .txt and .doc files.

✅ Send text with a single click

The send button is provided in the mobile version to send text to any social media platform.

✅Language switch with one click

With a single click, It will switch to English to Korean translation

What You Can Look For In Korean Translator App

First, you will want to take the time to test a few and see if they meet your needs. Are you learning Korean to go to Korea? Or are you trying to gain a deeper knowledge of the language of reading books? Is your main goal to use the Korean media, or to talk to local people?

Every translator application is different, and they usually focus on one aspect above another. For example, some translators may offer only word-for-word translations. Some may translate expressions and phrases correctly. This is important to note because you may want to say something that does not have a natural translation into Korean. For example, for you looking at “a piece of cake,” a literal translation would produce 케이크조각(keikeu jogag), meaning “piece of cake.”

What you wanted to say was “easy,” and that 식은죽먹기 (sig-eun jug meoggi) in Korean means “like eating cold porridge.”

You need to ask yourself: do you translate too much from speech or text? Are you looking for something that requires basic knowledge of Korean to make it useful? Or are you a beginner and need something that makes it easier – even to help you learn Hangul, a Korean script?

Once you have decided how you will use the app, you can find one that meets your needs.

One Key Caveat: Avoid Leaning on Translator App!

Of course, Korean translator apps can be very useful if you use them properly. But it could also be another reason for you not succeeding in learning Korean. It can be very easy to rely on translator programs, especially because of their usability. At first, you just look for words that you do not know to help you complete the sentence. However you use it to check the accuracy of your whole sentence. Then use it to help you build the whole sentence.

This “translator trap” is a great snare for language learners. It removes the psychological impulse to try to remember the language alone. If you develop this trust in translators, it means you can better remove them from your phone and stick to a real-life dictionary – yes, even a textbook. If you really want to know something, you have to make an effort to find the book and find it. And it will not always be helpful. This will limit your appearance, and push you to remember and create sentences without help.

As mentioned, let’s take a look at some of the best Korean translator apps.in below paragraphs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you translate Korean text into English?

Click this link

Paste your name, text, sentence, verse instead of text.

Click the translate button.

Copy your translated text by clicking the copy button.

What is the best tool for translating Korean into English?






In this case, Google translates Korean sentences into English more accurately

Is Google, Microsoft, Bing, Baidu Translator free?

Yes, these technology companies offer free services to everyone.

How does a Korean <-> English translator work?

Our free language translator sends the API request to google and the response is translated into English.

Is Google Translator Accurate?

No, it is not 100% accurate as a professional translator. Because it uses neural machine translation to read user inputs. Typed sentences and translated text are stored on the Google website and return in the form of a response if you need it. Although the tool brings excellent translation that can help you get a basic idea of your question.

Can I type in English with Korean keyboard?

Yes, it is very easy to use this feature using our online Korean and English translation tool.

Can I download the translated text?

Yes, There is an option to download the translated text as name and text file.

Limit on this tool

Google can translate Korean to English online for as many texts as you want but sometimes it may stop working due to some technical problem. If you find such a problem, please reach out to our Facebook page. Sometimes online translation of Korean words into English may be incorrect as the online language translator software is not 100% accurate as a human translator. However, it is close to very high accuracy. So please edit those sentences that look funny to you.

How can you translate Korean into English?

Korean to English translation provides easy access to an online translation service supported by various translation engines. Korean to English translation tool includes online translation service, English word-for-word translation service, English spelling checker tool, multilingual on-screen keyboard, translation, email client and much more. The simplest translation site ever created.

Korean to English translation apps are becoming increasingly popular with the growing culture of Korean Pop. It is always helpful to have an accurate Korean translator while studying Korean or watching the K-Drama.

Most people can go directly to the Google Translate app to translate foreign languages. However, most translation applications are very accurate and straightforward.

Here are seven of the best apps you can use to translate Korean language into English.

7 Best Korean Translator Apps

1.   Naver Korean Dictionary

For iOS, Android and web browser.

Korean gold dictionary and translator. When you search for a translation, tons of different phrases and phrases appear to help you learn your usage. And the homepage shows everyday Korean conversations to practice your listening skills, as well as idioms, program tips, and words for the day. As for the translator, Naver did an excellent job of combining translation and reading.

There is also the first Naver app all over in Korean, with a search function that allows you to find Wikipedia style information. It focuses on language and combines stories and stories in Korean. But, because it’s all in Korean, it’s great for advanced students.


Best for those with at least a little knowledge of the language

It is best with in-depth knowledge and context of word usage

Includes a sample of accurate sentences and other phrases with all translations

Includes daily tips, grammar, idioms, and more to enhance your reading

Includes translation sound, as well as Korean conversations to practice listening skills


Because it is only written on dictionary pages, you should be able to read Hangul comfortably to benefit from it.

Although this translator has a tone that he can offer to help with reading, and provides many sample sentences, it may be easy to cheat your way by creating your own sentences.

2.   Papago Translate

For iOS, Android and Google Chrome.

And composed by Naver, this is a true translator against the dictionary. Although this is similar to the “elite” version of Naver, it has a difference… and is very good. For one thing, the interface is smooth and simple. You can quickly select your languages and input method: typing, microphone, chat, or text view with your camera.

Also, it includes a place to store your words in “Favorites” to create a bank of words and phrases to use. It saves your history, so you don’t forget what you watched or part of your conversation. Also, it has two features that will be an amazing resource for beginners and travelers: a proverb book and a website translator.

One thing I was most impressed with was the children’s section. If you want to enroll your child in your Korean lessons, the app has beautiful, colorful picture cards with a variety of Korean and English themes.


Great for beginners, travelers, and fast, on-the-go translation help

Simple, easy and convenient interface for kids

Website translation and fast dictionary, organized by topic

Saved names and history for easy review

Includes Papago Mini, which runs on top of your other apps for instant translation


As a Naver translator, it does not involve making love, so knowing Hangul is a must

It does not provide a sample sentence or context. You get word-for-word translations

3.   Google Translate

For iOS, Android and web browser.

Of course, this had to be on the list. The best-known translator app has come a long way in recent years. With guaranteed translations and a variety of input methods, it is a tried and tested favorite.

However, Google Translate is incorrect. It is written in many languages, unlike others that focus on success only in Korean translation. Asian languages are often very different from one another. Many phrases do not translate correctly with Google because it cannot be said in Korean at all. Without some basic knowledge of how a language works systematically, it is easy to get bad translations.

That being said, if you have a basic understanding of Korean – enough to hold where the grammar may be closed, or where something might sound natural – Google Translate can be a useful tool.


Fast, easy translation on the go

Includes typing, writing, speech, conversation, text recognition, and voice input

You can translate and depart from multiple languages and see verified translations when using the web page

It is great for beginners who have not yet learned to read Hangul as it offers Romanization


Without some knowledge of the language, it is easy to find unfamiliar translations

No context or sample sentence

Although better, slang is not always understood or interpreted correctly

4.   GreenLife Translator Korean English

For Android only.

This app has many unique benefits. In addition to being able to translate by text, speech, or conversation, it also suggests changes in inaccurate sentences. When you add something to the translation, it gives you a variety of suggestions. Also, it tells you which word the function of the program in the sentence.

Best of all, it has excellent features in helping your reading. The app includes daily words, conflicting words, word building game, phrase book, flash cards, and offline dictionary. You can email or write your own translation for later reading. Best of all, you can have it translate your texts into Korean or English with the Pro feature.


Excellent in translation and mobile courses, for beginners to intermediate students

It involves performing Roman vernacular translations and provides a few vernacular translations for their grammar work

Good features like SMS text translation and in-app learning games


Only for Android

Some features require a paid Pro version

Ads can be disruptive

The interface is very simple and not so easy on the eyes

5.   Daum Dictionary

For iOS, Android and web browser.

This requires knowledge of the language, but like Naver, it is immersed. Many advanced learners use this to better learn the language within the language.

The dictionary has a search feature where you can look up words and see translations, by doing Romanization. You can view it from Korean-to-English, or only in Korean. As you look back, you will find more accurate Korean translations. Why? Because you can see if the English translation is wrong. That is also good for double checking the accuracy of other translators. Since some phrases do not translate correctly because they differ from the target language, having a translator or dictionary in the target language may help to ensure it.


Ideal for advanced or advanced students

A great option for a thorough translation

Focus on the language: you can completely skip English if you want, and look for something in Korean only.


If you do not know the language well, you will probably not be able to find your way into the application.

Since its main function is a dictionary, it has no microphone option but has a camera view option.

6.   Klays-Development Korean-English Translator

For Android only.

What makes this translator qualified? It gives you many different ways of saying the word, including slang. The search for “Hello” in Korean draws a few examples, including 여보세요 (yeoboseyo, “hello” when answering the phone) and a slang form, ye (yeobo). That’s a great feature. But if you do not know that 여보세요 is only used to greet someone on the phone, you may not be able to use it properly as the application does not provide context.


It is best to search for common language translations, as well as beginners with knowledge of language, culture, and grammar

You can save your search and “favorite” translations for later review

It offers many different versions


Only for Android

Limited text and speech input

There is no context for the translation, and as you incorporate slang or abnormal variations, it can lead to misuse.

7.   SayHi

For iOS and Android.

SayHi has a straightforward and clean interface, and has only one real purpose: to translate verbally or verbally. When you speak into a microphone, it translates your text into English and Korean text. Both translations are clicked to hear what it sounds like. And the translation and speech-to-text seems very accurate. It saves your translation on screen like SMS text, bubbles and everything, and is easy to view.


It is best if you translate only verbally, as when exchanging language

Easy, simple interface, no frills, but fun to look at

Fast and accurate speech-to-text


Not to do multiple tasks: there is no option to type by typing or typing

Korean translations are all in Hangul, except for the Roman ones

Korean Translator Apps to Avoid

I have tried a lot of different apps for Korean translators or multilingual translators. The ones I listed above are definitely the best! I stumbled upon a few duds, too.

One recommended app from a variety of sources was WayGo, a translator app that uses your camera in real time or with photos to translate. I would skip this. It does not provide real learning about its versions, you can only use it for translation with your camera. It can only be helpful when traveling if you do not know Korean at all. Even then, I will notice: When I tried the app, all translations were incorrect. Plus, you only get 10 free translations a day before you pay to upgrade.

Another app I came across is Apps Castle Korean English Translator. Compared to the other apps above, it was transparent and full of ads. In fact, when I had it on my phone, it kept popping up with full-screen ads… even when I wasn’t using the app. Definitely worth it.

ITranslate has a few nice features, such as the ability to select from a few different translators’ guides (Google, Microsoft, etc.) and male or female voice. But, really, Google Translate has annoying, long ads.

I also tried Text Grabber, which is similar to WayGo. There are also limits to how much free use you get, and it doesn’t seem to work much better. Google Translate does the same thing and has many other translation options.

Get Your Complete Korean Translator Match!

Once you have it, the best Korean translators, based on your Korean level and requirements. Hopefully, that helps narrow down your search, and pinpoint what might be best for you. It helps to know which ones you should know about Hangul and which ones you should not. But it is also good to know that as you develop your Korean, you can turn to translators who will better benefit your studies.

Korean to English Translation of Gangnam Style Lyrics

The K-Pop Invasion

South Korean K-pop artist Psy is the main Korean artist/entertainer to beat out everyone else in the U.S., however all over Europe and the UK. Psy’s acclaimed music video Gangnam Style, which turned into a web sensation on You-Tube in August of 2012, has arrived at above and beyond 1 billion perspectives – a record-breaking accomplishment by a long shot.

Gangnam Style is a record-breaker from various perspectives:

It is the main Korean language tune to get famous in the U.S and the UK; the primary K-pop melody and craftsman to become showbiz royalty outside of Korea, and the principal video to outperform the measure of perspectives recently held by Justin Bieber, on You-Tube.

Imaginative Korean to English Translation Needed for Oppa Gangnam Style

While there are numerous offerances of Korean to English translation out there for Gangnam Style verses,Korean to English Translation of Gangnam StyleLyricscrowds don’t mind if they comprehend the verses.

Through music, moving and visual humor, the level at which Gangnam Style strikes a quick preference for every one of the individuals who see and hear it, is one that can outperform the boundary of unknown dialect:

Which is something both astounding and infrequently found, without a doubt, particularly on account of the inclination for standard music crowds in America to learn and chime in to their number one music.

For guardians in almost any piece of the world, on the off chance that you have kids under 30, odds are they’ve seen the Gangnam Style music video on YouTube – presumably more than once.

Psy’s diverting but gifted moving, his silly video substance, and his ascerbic hits at the richest group of friends in South Korea are largely reasons why Psy’s music and his music video are a particularly hit, that the tune has since a long time ago saturated numerous parts of American culture, and become a long ways past the music video itself.

There is even film of President Obama doing the celebratedGangnamStyle horse-dance Psy made for the tune. (It’s not really President Obama, yet an entertainer dressed like him. Notwithstanding, he has confessed to moving “Gangnam Style” to humiliate his girls).

No, it isn’t prompt concern whether we comprehend Psy’s Korean rap, or in the event that we even truly know what “Gangnam Style” is, for sure “Oppan Gangnam Style” signifies.

We love the tune if we get it.

In any case, because of its hazardous overall prevalence, the characteristic movement of interest and interest has driven us to a huge number of fan requests, a meeting by the New York Times, and many websites, articles and Q&A’s about Psy and Gangnam Style: Everyone needs to know what “Oppan Gangnam Style” signifies. Thus, that question has additionally been addressed many, ordinarily.

The exacting interpretation is “More seasoned Brother has Gangnam Style.”

So, for what reason are on the whole the korean to English translation of the melody’s verses “Oppa has Gangnam Style” as opposed to “Older sibling?” Since Korean to English translation for a tune like Gangnam Style is once in a while best left in Korean:

“Oppa” is a Korean familial (easygoing) term for a more seasoned sibling by a more youthful sister, or for any marginally more established male by a more youthful female.

Need Korean translation? Let’s do it!

You need to translate the email from the Korean provider or the website for your vacation abroad?

Lingvanex introduces fast-moving programs and applications from English to Korean!

Translate on your own!

Lingvanex translation apps will help you anytime! Our apps running on a variety of devices – Android, iOS, MacBook, smart assistants from Google, Amazon Alexa, and Microsoft Cortana, smart watches, or any other browser – will help translate from English to Korean anywhere! Easy and free! Lingvanex also offers online translations from Korean to English.

English to Korean translation of Lingvanex translation software will help you to get complete translation of words, phrases, and texts from English to Korean and over 110 other languages.

Use Lingvanex apps to quickly and instantly translate Korean Korean text for free. Lingvanex offers an alternative access to Google’s translation service from English to Korean and from Korean to English.

How does it work to translate text from English to Korean?

Our translation service uses the Lingvanex translator engine to translate text you have written in English.

Whenever you type a word, phrase or sentence in English – we send an API application to the Lingvanex engine for translation. After that, their Lingvanex translation service returns the response in Korean text.

Lingvanex uses advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (deep learning), big data, web APIs, cloud computing, etc. to deliver high quality translations.

You can check the quality of translation from English to Korean right now.

Can we download this translation service?

No. You can’t download it. For now you can only use our Korean translation online on this page.

However, you can install a chrome extension tool called Lingvanex – Translator and Chrome Dictionary Extension or use our translation apps – links to these apps are on the page.

Once this translation tool is installed, you can highlight and right-click the text section and click the “Translate” icon to translate. In this way you can not only translate from English to Korean, but also between any of the 36 languages supported by the app.

Also, you can translate a web page from English to Korean by clicking on the “Translate” icon in the browser toolbar.

Is this a FREE translation?

Yes. This is a free translation.

However, we have the following limitations:

Application limit

At any time, you can transfer up to 5000 requests per request. But you can submit most of these requests.

There is also a daily limit:

although you can make multiple request requests, you will not be able to translate if we run out of our daily assignment.

This is to protect against default requests.

How accurate is the translation from English to Korean?

Machine language technology is used to do translation. Our translation software changes daily and provides the most accurate translation from English to Korean.

You can check it out for yourself right now!

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