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Best Audio/Video Transcription | 99%+ Accuracy, 24-HR Turnaround

Audio/Video Transcription

Transcription. From transcribing market research for interviews and care agencies to transcribing academic interviews for health sciences studies and more, give your work the attention it deserves with a dedicated team of vetted Certified Study Transcriptionists (CRTs) and insured.

Avoid wasting time solving secondary English language skills. Defend your personal statistics. Get the transcript you create.

Language transcription and translation service in over 37 languages ​​saves time and money with the help of hiring a language transcription and translation provider for all your needs.

Whether you are looking for verbatim transcription, interpretation or column translation, we do it all for you.

Please note that non-English transcription and translation is performed in a local country of the recorded language.

The difference 

24x7offshoring‘s group of transcribers, assignment managers, audio auditors and fine collateral managers create transcriptions from endless hours of audio and video 24/7/365. We indulge in a number of features that you won’t find anywhere else within the company.


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1. We refocus on everything we transcribe: Whenever you choose our premium transcripts or our premium transcripts (but not our draft transcripts), you can rest assured that our excellent independent assurance team will audit every word written. by our transcribers. Unlike our competition, we don’t actually “check” the spelling, punctuation and formatting of your documents. Alternatively, we deliver truly exquisite transcriptions with 100 percent audited audio and high confidence for over ninety-nine percent accuracy.

2. World-class high quality: With over ninety-nine percent accuracy, 24x7offshoring sets itself apart from other transcription companies that choose to compete for the lowest rate. Our top-notch transcriptions offer unparalleled accuracy and quality that will be difficult to obtain anywhere else. The typical accuracy price in the transcription industry is simply ninety-eight percent accuracy.

While 98 percent accuracy sounds great, the speaking rate in a typical recording is 150 words per minute. With a 2 percent error rate, a ninety-eight percent accuracy approach, your transcriptions could have up to one error every twenty seconds. Our ninety-nine percent accuracy eliminates half of these errors, and very few transcription companies offer this guarantee.

3. An Unparalleled Perfect and Optimal Alternative: Almost no different commercial transcription company offers a perfect transcription option. While our top-notch ninety-nine percent accurate transcriptions are already very high quality, we offer an additional option, Extreme Transcriptions, for anyone who needs a transcription without a doubt. What is the distinction between ultra and premium transcripts?

The difference lies in that pesky 1 percent error fee. Our competitors offer ninety-eight percent accuracy guarantees. A 2 percent error rate means that your transcripts should have at most one error every twenty seconds. Our premium transcriptions with 1 percent error rates have a maximum of one error every 40 seconds, while our ultra transcriptions have a maximum error rate of 0.1 percent, which equates to a maximum of just one error every seven minutes.

4. Nice options in the price range too! – We recognize the strict financial constraints you face and that is why we now offer not just one, but low interest options: draft transcripts and financial notes. With preliminary transcriptions, we will assign your audio or video to one of our trusted transcribers, but we will not listen to what is transcribed again. however, our Word file transcripts are typically fully editable, allowing corrections to be made and saving value for your visit.

Plus, what we’ve called “Budget Notes” will surprise you: we can paraphrase virtually any room or pre-recorded audio or video and format your notes to look similar to transcripts. With transcript drafts and budget notes, you will ultimately be able to experience a confident understanding that you are contributing to the local economic system and supporting the US job market with a 100 percent primarily US-based transcript. and take note.

5. Weekend and Holiday Shipping – While you’re expecting business day delivery with that other transcription employer, don’t forget the time savings we’ll provide you with weekend and holiday shipping. Most other transcription agencies don’t even offer weekend or holiday delivery as an alternative. We know how valuable slowness is and we must help. Our fastest response provider offers delivery of your transcripts on equal days, weekends and holidays and in many cases, we can also surprise you with the help of delivering them earlier than expected.

6. One Hundred Percent U.S. Based: We’ve based our biggest distinction on one hundred percent U.S. based work. Hiring entirely from U.S. citizens won’t provide the best profit margins, but practically offers the most sustainable business model for consumer pride and our local economy. After the great recession, it is truly criminal that almost all transcription companies now offshore their transcription work to the Philippines, India, and other countries where English is not always the local language.

If you’ve ever misquoted a song lyric or misheard something someone said, think about how flawed the transcriptions can be from a transcriber whose first language is not always English. Transcripts are not devices; You can’t produce them overseas and expect to receive the first class you would get from a US-based transcriptionist.

How to do it in case your transcription provider company offshores your transcription? Easy: Any transcription company that doesn’t loudly broadcast its carrier as a 100 percent US-based transcription service is offshoreing its work. There is simply no reason not to make this widely known, even though it is so rare to find, especially given the inaccuracies and security risks you face through offshore outsourcing.

7. Simplify Ordering Without Getting Rid of Your Options: Other transcription offerings have “streamlined” their procedure so much that they have eliminated their customers’ options. At 24x7offshoring we keep in mind that transcripts are not widgets and that each transcript is unique as is each consumer. That’s why we offer more timecode options than any other transcription company, greater response options than other transcription companies, and better formats and unique features than you can find elsewhere. If you are equipped for a serious and professional transcription service, you have come to the right region.

8. We work miracles with difficult and even almost impossible audio: it is true that difficult audio doubles, triples or sometimes even quadruples the time needed for a correct transcription. Any transcription company can offer you the lowest rate, but especially with complex audio, it takes many additional hours of work to deliver the good we do with complex audio.

We have even performed almost impossible audio miracles with recordings that have become almost completely indecipherable due to very intense crosstalk, very muffled sound, very intense historical noise, voices talking in the background of the audio, speakers shouting and even cursing in every moment. different and more.

Given the many hours of hard work required to obtain excellent production on difficult audio cases, we do not believe it is moral or fair for our transcribers or transcription editors to work for less than minimum wage, which is why we pay our team higher wages. unlike our competitors.

9. We do not engage in rate wars, but our prices remain aggressive; especially for 100 percent US based transcription, your search for a correct and affordable transcription is practically over. Of course, our prices are not always simply aggressive and based solely on cost, but also on structure. Other transcription organizations promote the most effective transcription with the best draft without disclosing this. At 24x7offshoring, you can eventually select the level of pleasant transcription you want, knowing in advance exactly the excellent level you can expect at the time of delivery.

translator english to kannada 24x7offshoring translate translator translation

translator english to kannada 24x7offshoring translate translator translation

10. True, fast and reliable delivery: It is no longer just our weekend transport that makes our delivery so valuable, but our midweek delivery offers your documents on fair and efficient terms that suit your precise wishes . While other transcription companies make larger blanket deliveries for individual files lasting more than an hour, we are committed to fair and ethical practices that provide equal delivery time to all customers. We do not accept that a user with a two-hour recording has to wait three to five business days, just as any other user with fifty one-hour recordings will get all transcripts in 36 to 48 hours.

That’s why we only expedite delivery of your transcript when you specifically request expedited delivery, and we offer more than one delivery option to choose from, including one week, forty-eight hours, 24 hours, same day, weekend, excursion and overnight stay. No other transcription company offers as many response options as we do, making us the preferred provider for clients who need complete control over their response cases. Additionally, many transcription organizations still do not offer same-day delivery, which is insensitive to the fact that transcription is often an afterthought that is not assumed.

11. 24/7/365 Help: Our transcriptionists work around the clock for you, meeting your needs while you need them. While different transcription groups schedule their business hours for your time area and close to their workplaces on weekends, we always have a manager on your behalf to start your next project even outside of business hours, even on weekends. and vacations.

You can upload your files immediately conveniently through our personal SSL-enabled WeTransfer channel and then we will receive a computerized email notification immediately. even higher: we are available via cell phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Regardless of how early or late the day may be, we might like to hear from you and will usually be happy to help.

12. We have a gigantic and deep knowledge of the transcription industry and the transcription method itself. Many clients are surprised to discover that it takes a full business day to transcribe an hour of audio. Of course, if your transcription involves accents, historical noise, multiple speakers, speaker tracking, time stamps/timecode, true word-for-word, technical terminology, or other special formatting, it can take up to twelve hours of work to transcribe just one. . audio hour.

It is a common and false impression that transcription only takes as long as the sound recording itself. Unfortunately, that is not the case at all. Regardless of a speaker and clear, “clean” audio, speaking speed is at least four times typing speed for even the most skilled and experienced transcriber.

Although more than one speaker and other high-quality audio variables are part of the recording, the writing speed drops to at least six to twelve times slower than the recording speed. Have you ever found yourself just picking up the phone instead of writing a reaction to an email? Of course, the delay between responses is frustrating, but of course it’s faster to talk than to write. Even the briefest attempt at transcription will confirm that this is real.

13. Transcription is not all we do; While we don’t plan to go into too much detail, we recognize that our customers have many desires from language providers that go beyond transcription. In fact, generating transcripts requires writing skills other than editing and proofreading. While we do not correct spoken grammatical errors during transcription, we will edit and proofread your writing in addition to creating unique, writing content from scratch.

Our goal is to bring together your quotes to deliver everything from lifestyle to extraordinary thoughts, while providing high-quality, reliable customer service. When you have an assignment that involves more than just transcription, you’ll find it convenient that we are the one-stop shop for all your writing and language desires.

First class audio transcription.

  • Greater recovery options than any other transcription employer.
  • Guaranteed accuracy regardless of recordings
  • with more than 3 speakers and hard audio.
  • video-transcription.png

Premium video transcription and subtitles offers.

  • More timecode options than other transcription organization.
  • Guaranteed accuracy regardless of recordings
  • with more than three audio systems and rugged audio.
How do I start?

Getting started with 24x7offshoring is simple! Other transcription groups often require a new client to spend valuable time applying for an account and waiting a business day or more to set it up. At 24x7offshoring we recognize how important your time is and in no way would we need to defeat the purpose of our service. In any case, our transcription offerings aim to save you time and hassle. That’s why our starter order form only requires: 1) your contact details, 2) your submission date and time, 3) your selected transcript type (draft, first class or extremely).

You may also have the ability to mark any available optional features you want in your transcriptions, but those 3 criteria are the minimum needed to start transcribing.

Transcription Services.jpg

As soon as we obtain your audio or video documents, you will receive an automatic email confirmation that we have downloaded them. The download confirmation email provides the assurance of receipt you need to alleviate any concerns you may have about whether or not we have received your documents. Unlike our competitors, we will in no way make excuses that we never received your files for transcription.

You will also receive an invoice confirming all charges before we begin transcribing, ensuring there are no billing surprises at the end of your mission. You can submit your price safely and easily through our convenient payment website, but you can always call us and pay over the phone too.

In short, we are dedicated to doing what works best for you. We pride ourselves on delivering work in the most effective way, but also on being flexible. That is why many of our clients skip the usual adding procedure and certainly send us broadcast links and hyperlinks of other offers to share reports, and also share folders with us at 24x7offshoring . Without a doubt, we are happy to help you and eager to make transcription as easy and time-saving as possible for you.

Solutions for the transcription industry

The way we reflect on events is changing; And now, more than ever, business leaders have reliable and incredibly accurate transcriptions and record annotations for their businesses.

Using Gold Standard delivery in transcription, 24x7offshoring is the ideal partner to meet your industry needs. Our services can be tailored to meet any precise format or project need you may have.

Transcription Offers

24x7offshoring focuses on providing top-notch transcription offerings, transcribing both audio and video content. With an aim to offer the best online transcription services, we ensure that each video transcription and audio transcription is meticulously handled with the help of expert transcribers. Whether you’re looking for a detailed video transcription online or need expert help transcribing complex audio documents, our transcription website is your answer. Transcribe your documents today!

100% human-generated international transcription offerings
The fastest and most affordable audio and video transcription offerings for over 150 languages ​​help you scale quickly within the global market.

We accept as true that with video and audio transcription the paintings are exceptional and are left to the specialists. Compliant, discreet and expert, that’s how we could define our audio and video transcription offerings. While there is more than one audio system, technical jargon, different accents and special languages ​​involved, transcribing speech to text can be quite complex. We leverage our fully AI-powered transcription platform that supports audio and video transcriptions in over one hundred and fifty languages, which can be sent immediately to our 10,000+ pre-certified linguists.

Transcription services

We transcribe, timestamp and label the audio that is used for the improvement and optimization of the computerized speech recognition software program in each language.

5 best transcription services 24x7 offshoring7

Our proprietary transcription platform allows us to deliver over-the-top transcriptions, securely, efficiently, and at scale.

Examples: voice-over recordings for digital assistants, telephone records

Widespread Transcription
Our expert transcribers focus on any type of audio report and create accurate digital transcriptions.

24x7offshoring has professional transcriptionists who can cover almost any area and business in life.

Sciences for finance and prison.

Examples: medical information, criminal notes, authority conferences
textual content to textual content Transcription
The introduction of a virtual file from a paper document or other formats that are not readable by tools.

This allows us to help you expand your virtual document database more quickly. We use OCR technology to speed up this device when indicated.

Transcriptions are often used to decorate automatic speech popularity structures, which help to automatically transcribe what a customer says while using a tool. Transcription is the first step in processing spoken information because as soon as it is effectively transformed into its written form, different natural language processing and analysis tasks can be performed on the text.

Additionally, text-to-text is another form of transcription that speeds up the time in obtaining published material and converting the source report into a text record. This provides the opportunity to edit and replace files as needed.

With 24x7offshoring , we have multiple transcription services available to transcribe vital training data for smart machines.

It is able to be difficult to discover a accurate human transcription provider. Most of the high-quality on-ononline video transcription brands handiest offer computerized transcripts. And, the brands that do provide human transcription often fee pricey costs and have lengthy turnaround times.

Have lengthy recordings with an entire lot of audio system and need better guarantee that all speakers are categorised successfully (without having to check and re-assign audio gadget yourself).

Are working with sensitive or personal video or audio files and like to have a professional transcriptionist control that content.

Depending in your recording period, fixing a laptop-gene=”hide”>first=”tipsBox”>d transcript can despite the fact that take hours of a while. Plus, non-expert transcribers often have problem with it and miss sure data.

Professional video transcription , to be had for all of our clients.
organisation transcription, for =”hide”>groups=”tipsBox”> and =”hide”>businesses=”tipsBox”> which can be running with lots of footage or need extra protection for personal records.
Reduct gives laptop transcripts with each recording so you can evaluation the automated transcript even as human transcription is in development.

Regardless of the duration of your recording or the human transcription opportunity you choose out, Reduct divides your video document into 5-minute sections and distributes it amongst a group of human transcribers.

Human Transcription at Reduct
Each transcriber prioritizes their piece of the audio. no individual has get admission to in your complete audio recording. Transcribers understand and assign audio system while they might, and your transcript goes thru three rounds of ‘=”hide”>great=”tipsBox”> assessments’ to ensure it’s freed from errors and spelling or grammar mistakes.

Reduct =”hide”>makes use of=”tipsBox”> artificial intelligence and speech popularity software to piece your transcript lower back together and double-take a look at all speaker names are assigned correctly in advance than sending your transcript to you. Your transcript will robotically replace in your account, changing the precise laptop transcript.

Reduct guarantees ninety nine% accuracy and short turnaround. All human transcripts are accomplished and available internal 24 hours of add.

The transcripts in Reduct are editable, and you could searching for your transcript for particular content material, bypass around, exchange playback speeds, and reference your footage whilst you study via the transcript. you can make any adjustments to the transcript as you skip. you can also depart feedback on the transcript in case you want to characteristic notes or tag different customers to collabo=”hide”>first=”tipsBox”>.

24x7offshoring is popular for =”hide”>groups=”tipsBox”> that need transcription and translation due to the fact they could transcribe the content in multiple languages. They offer 3 human transcription programs and fees aren’t impacted with the aid of the usage of audio exceptional:

This transcription issuer is likewise a suitable preference for healthcare and scientific =”hide”>companies=”tipsBox”>, regulation corporations and crook =”hide”>groups=”tipsBox”>, and company =”hide”>organizations=”tipsBox”> that should meet certain compliance requirements due to the reality they have got granular protection alternatives and corporation-precise set-up services.

24x7offshoring gives 100% human transcription, and additional offerings together with translation, modifying, and proofreading. Pricing is dependent on audio , wide variety of audio system, and favored turnaround time — if you don’t need your transcription returned rapid, you can choose to wait longer to your transcription, as a result lowering the general price. you can moreover opt for verbatim transcription, timestamps, and corrected grammar (meaning, any individual will edit your transcript and accurate spelling and grammar errors within the talk).

=”hide”>corporations=”tipsBox”> believe GMR Transcription due to the fact they offer bulk discounts, get hold of motion pictures in all report formats, assist transcription in a couple of languages, and have enterprise company safety alternatives. but they’ll be now not a possible opportunity for anybody because of their complicated and expensive pricing shape. This solution is typically used by authorities =”hide”>agencies=”tipsBox”>, educational establishments and universities, and enterprise =”hide”>businesses=”tipsBox”>.

If you’re inquisitive about this transcription alternative, you may use the calculator on their website or call their assist crew to get a custom quote. you could additionally down load the GMR Transcription app, from the Apple App preserve or Google Play store, to get started on your mobile tool.

Scribie is a video and audio transcription provider that gives pc and human transcripts for easy recordings, in English, with American audio machine. it is encouraged for =”hide”>extremely good=”tipsBox”> clear audio — as an example, it in reality works for jail =”hide”>groups=”tipsBox”> transcribing dictations or depositions — due to the reality Scribie’s pricing is advocated via the audio 7339ff1fc90882f8f31ca1efdd2ac191.

Manual transcription in 24x7offshoring platform may be as reasonably-priced as $zero.80 on-line minute of audio, however you can get hit with extra costs in case your audio is deemed unclear. The list on their internet on line mentions everything from quiet audio system to echos compromising audio; if you’re concerned your audio might be tough to transcribe, we suggest selecting a greater forgiving transcription service.

Scribie’s platform is quite straightforward: No extras or greater offerings. as quickly as transcripts are ready, you may down load the text report from Scribie and use it for whatever you need.

Scribie has a multi-step transcription gadget to ensure 99+% accuracy, and it’s far commonly used by university students, researchers, and writers.

Rev is a video transcription emblem that takes the hybrid technique to human transcription: They use AI to supply rapid transcripts and function a group of transcriptionists to polish up what the computer gives. in addition they offer additional services, together with pc transcription, captions and subtitles for movies, and stay captions for Zoom recordings.

Many people like Rev as it’s online, speedy, and decently less high-priced. They rate $1.25 on line minute of audio, irrespective of the nice of your recording, and they might regularly deliver transcripts again inside 12 hours (as long as your recording is under an hour). you may moreover “rush” your transcript, for $2.25 in on online minute of audio, in case you need it again quicker. Rev gives a calculator on the internet site so that you can look at the price and turnaround instances in advance than uploading your content material cloth for transcription.

Rev has plans to fit individuals or enterprise clients, but they do not have a ton of capabilities to artwork with transcripts — you down load them from the Rev browser and import them to exclusive tools. when you have everyday transcription dreams, you may want a tool that lets you do greater in conjunction with your recordings.

24x7offshoring offers human transcription, translation in over 50 languages, English captions, and foreign subtitles for video recordings. The fee of transcription levels from $0.90 to $2.50 consistent with minute of audio, counting on recording duration and desired turnaround time. Their human transcribers can art work with absolutely all audio satisfactory: 24x7offshoring ensures ninety nine+% accuracy and doesn’t rate greater for motion pictures which may be difficult to transcribe.

animated cameraman and videographer image 0030 2

24x7offshoring is =”hide”>a pleasing=”tipsBox”> choice for college children and experts that often transcribe films because of the truth they’ve got less expensive costs, a patron loyalty application, and pupil reductions to offset the rate of transcribing and jogging with images. This makes  human transcription greater possible to the =”hide”>groups=”tipsBox”> that need it for his or her strategies. but, beyond transcription and captioning, 24x7offshoring could no longer provide lots of gear to apply transcripts, so you nevertheless should export transcripts in advance than you can paintings with them.

Reduct: Human Transcription services you can Use for extra
Human transcription is without a doubt one fraction of what we offer at Reduct: Our complete platform is designed to can help you paintings along with your transcripts and photos — it’s miles less hard than the usage of a static textual content file for tasks, and it’s cloud-based and collaborative, so that you can get others concerned with video initiatives to assist or offer feedback.

Our total text-based and video transcription editor has superior tools to strategically use the structure of video content, but despite that it is sincere and intuitive for you to use the capabilities. without training. Additionally, we offer tiered programs to accommodate different group sizes and a free trial so you can try out all of our equipment before joining Reduct.

Video transcription services have become increasingly popular as more and more =”hide”>companies=”tipsBox”>, educators and individuals use factual =”hide”>talking=”tipsBox”> videos. Those offerings convert spoken phrases in a video into written text, making the data contained in the clip more available to a much broader target audience. Online video transcription services are best for corporate and academic functions.

There are many types =”hide”>extraordinary=”tipsBox”> of transcription offerings available, including YouTube video transcription services, Zoom video transcription, Microsoft video transcription, and Vimeo video transcription services.

Video to textual content transcription software will only provide you with an excellent component. It is much better to use human-based offerings, which can be better at creating transcripts, which you can use as subtitles and captions. Using video transcription offerings has many advantages, including advanced accessibility for the hearing impaired and superior search engine optimization.

Video transcription and overall SEO performance have very strong links. With video transcription services, you can upload a video and get a transcript within a stipulated turnaround time, as fast as six hours, if necessary. So what are you waiting for? Try the reviews of our fast transcription providers. With so many benefits at your disposal, it’s no surprise that they are becoming an essential device for many. Get a video transcript today.


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